Thursday, June 30, 2011

Disney World…Day 4: Our “Down Day”

After one busy travel day and two VERY busy days at the parks, we decided to make day 4 our “down day!” We planned on sleeping in a bit…taking our time…and making our way to Downtown Disney!

When we got there later in the morning, it wasn’t crowded at all! We enjoyed walking around and shopping at all of the fun shops. The Lego store, the Mickey Christmas and kitchen stores and the HUGE World of Disney were are favorites…and, Matt even surprised me with a darling Mickey camera strap! I love it…and he was so excited to give it to me! :) Slickpaw's Disney Pics 013

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 015

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 016

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 023Slickpaw's Disney Pics 027

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 026

Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 001Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 011

Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 006

Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 012Slickpaw's Disney Pics 036

Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 015

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 033

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 039

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 042Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 018

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 048 Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 020

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 052After lunch at a sandwich shop in Downtown Disney, we headed back “home,” put Nash down for a nap and went to the pool! It was so nice to cool off after so many days of H.O.T! Q and Matt played some “shuffle boys,” (a.k.a. shuffle board) too! They had a great time. Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 027Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 033

Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 031

Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 034  Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 036
Then, around 7:30 p.m., we headed to Magic Kingdom. We road the Monorail for the first time and enjoyed seeing the park from up high. Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 041

Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 042
When we got there, Mammer, Slickpaw and Nash got us a prime spot on Main Street while Matt and I took Q on a little “date” to see the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor. He was so precious having us all to himself…and, we took advantage of the opportunity to take some sweet pics with our firstborn. He loved holding both of our hands and swinging up high. And, when we were walking back to Main Street, he was so excited that the castle was MY color…pink!  It was a precious memory, for sure. Photo0181FourBySixPhoto0184FourBySix


Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 051 Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 052
Back at Main Street, Mammer, Slickpaw and Nash were having lots of fun soaking in the magic of the street…loving ALL of the fun balloon bouquets. And, as the sun went down, the park got more magical…the lights started showing up and the castle was more and more beautiful. We loved watching it change colors…and we loved soaking up our boys in the middle of it all.
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 069  Slickpaw's Disney Pics 071Slickpaw's Disney Pics 073Slickpaw's Disney Pics 075Slickpaw's Disney Pics 076

 Photo0194FourBySix Photo0200FourBySix
Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 054 Slickpaw's Disney Pics 091

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 080
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 082
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 095But, when the man’s voice came over the loud speakers…and all of the lights on Main Street were turned off, I got that “I think I might squeal” excitement. Then, when the Light Parade music began…with the robot man saying his famous line…I might have teared up a bit. Chills covered me from head to toe! I have such vivid memories of the Light Parade as a little girl…and sharing it with my boys was a dream come true.
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 100

Funny enough, Nash was a little scared. (and obviously exhausted!) When Snow White came by, she walked right up to my sweet baby and said in her most perfect Snow What voice, “Oh…look…that must be Sleepy!” I loved it!
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 108 Slickpaw's Disney Pics 111

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 120
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 132After the parade, we walked with the herd toward the castle to get our spot for the fireworks. Before that, we watched the AMAZING Magic, Memories and You projection show on the castle (with song sung by my fellow Baylor Chi Omega sister, Laura Brown Cooksey). Seriously, Ah.MAY.ZING!!! How do they do that?! I could watch it 100 times…and get teary eyed most of those times! :)

Immediately following that was the most fabulous fireworks show I’ve ever seen! Beyond stunning!!!
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 143 Slickpaw's Disney Pics 147

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 148Slickpaw's Disney Pics 151
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 152
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 158
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 159

By this point it was after 11, and my sweet little guys were DONE! Q had a mini meltdown because the little sword he wanted was sold out…and they were both on the verge of sleeping with their eyes open. I even asked Matt if we were mean parents for making them stay up so late! But, they both crashed in the car…and what they experienced was something I (and hopefully Quinn) will never forget. magic, Magic, MAGIC!!!

How’s that for a “down day!?” It ended up not being as relaxing as we had planned, but it was a perfectly perfect day!
Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 062 Downtown Disney & Nighttime MK 064

Day 4: Downtown Disney/Nighttime @ Magic Kingdom My notes: Rating:
Downtown Disney A fun “one stop shop” for everything Disney you could ever want…including a great place to get “Mickey ears” with their name on them!


Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor silly and interactive. Q laughed and laughed.


Main Street’s Electrical Parade AMAZING! Brings back memories…and, oh, the music!


Magic, Memories and You! DON’T MISS IT! Amazing show projected on the castle! You’ll be impressed, for sure!


Wishes Nighttime Spectacular Most amazing Fireworks show I’ve ever seen! BEAUTIFUL!!!



The Sturgeon Family said...

Amazing!!! We just took our 9 month old (was 6 months old) back in March to DW. I too got teary-eyed watching the fireworks and the parade. I am loving your Disney music!!!

epholdstein said...

I'm doing all my Disney research for our April 2013 Disney trip and stumbled on your blog. First of all - adorable. Second - I'll be going with my whole family including my two little boys who will be 2years8months and celebrating his first birthday at the time of our trip. You're pictures/narration of the parade and fireworks seriously made me tear up. If snow white came up to my baby and said something like that I would've burst into tears! So precious. Thanks for sharing your memories :)