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Disney World…Day 5: Epcot

On Thursday, June 9th, we got up and got ready to attend our character breakfast at ‘Ohanas Polynesian Resort. I was so excited…and couldn't wait to meet “classic” Mickey! But, to my annoying surprise, I had the wrong day in my head…our reservation was for tomorrow. Oh well…we didn’t even tell Q what we were doing, so there was no disappointment.

We took a fun picture with Lilo & Stitch’s surf board and ate breakfast at a downstairs diner. (Captain Cook’s) I had the MOST amazing Stuffed Banana French Toast and Quinn and Nash had the famous Mickey waffles with strawberry sauce. We ate outside on the pretty patio and enjoyed eating a “real” breakfast! Epcot 002
Epcot 004After stuffing ourselves full, we hopped on the monorail and traveled to Epcot. Slickpaw's Disney Pics 164
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 166Something about that big “ball” is really cool! I loved it as a kid and Quinn loved it too. He couldn't wait to go inside.

After grabbing a fast pass to Soarin’, we went straight to the Character Spot. Even though this was the longest line we waited in, it was WELL worth it. After a little under a hour, we were meeting the classic characters…starting with Mickey…then Pluto, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. It was a dream for Quinn…character after character! We quickly filled our autograph book and took hundreds of pictures.
Epcot 006

Epcot 008  Epcot 009Epcot 011  Epcot 020

Epcot 013





Photo0312FourBySix Photo0319FourBySix

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 209
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 211
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 212
Then, we headed off to Turtle Talk with Crush AND The Seas with Nemo & Friends. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they were both DARLING. Quinn and all of the kids sat at the front to talk to Crush…and the ride through aquarium with Nemo was SO fun. Slickpaw's Disney Pics 213

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 219After a yummy burger at the Liberty Inn, we strolled through the World Showcase. It really is cool how you feel like you’re in each city/country. (Italy was my favorite!) This would be a place we would definitely linger a bit longer if we didn’t have little ones with us. But, we still enjoyed the sights and sounds!


Epcot 030

Epcot 036

After we made our way through all of the countries, Matt and I took Q and Nash to Journey Into Imagination with Figment while Mammer and Slickpaw went to The American Adventure Show. Quinn LOVED spotting Figment throughout the ride…he’s such a character-junkie! Then we all enjoyed the little play place afterwards. Nash was SO excited to crawl around and play. (Sadly, there aren’t many spots were he gets to “run” free!)
Epcot 041

Epcot 043

While waiting for Mammer and Slickpaw, we plopped in Captain EO’s lobby and let the boys play some more. It was air-conditioned and there was TONS of playing space. They had a ball!

Captain EO, on the other hand, was a little scary for Q. But, for us grown ups, it was about as corny as you could get. Matt remembered so much of it from his trip to Disney Land as a kid…and I’m guessing they brought it back after Michael Jackson passed away.

Epcot 046

Epcot 048

Epcot 052
 Epcot 053
Then, it was time for us to ride the most popular ride at Epcot…Soarin’! Even with a Fast Pass, we had a bit of a wait…and I must admit that I was a little nervous for Q to ride this ride…but, it was AMAZING! I loved it SO much…sights, smells, temperature changes…it was SO cool! I could have ridden this one again and again. Epcot 055We made a trip to a gift shop while Mammer and Slickpaw enjoyed the ride and then headed to the little hidden Coca-Cola tasting spot. Some were yum…some were DISGUSTING. It was fun and free!
Epcot 056
Epcot 057

Epcot 058

And, last but not least, we made our way INSIDE the ball to ride Spaceship Earth. Quinn had been anxiously awaiting this ride…and, even though it was slow, he LOVED it. And, the interactive movie in our car at the end made this a MUST DO ride! You’ll be cracking up…we were! :)
 Epcot 066
While we were riding, Mammer, Slickpaw and Nash had some fun with he and Q’s new pirate telescopes…and then we were on our way. It was a great and fairly low key day. Even though there is lots of attractions for big kids and adults to enjoy, I’m thankful that we didn’t pass it up.
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 239

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 241

Epcot 068

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 246

Day 5: Epcot My notes: Rating:
Captain Cook’s Restaurant at Polynesian Resort YUMMY and quick breakfast spot. Must have the Stuffed Banana French Toast and Mickey Waffles!


Monorail FAST and so easy with a stroller! But, not as magical as the Ferry, of course!


Epcot Character Spot Long wait…but, you get to meet ALL of the classic guys! Worth the time spent in line!!!


Turtle Talk with Crush So cute and interactive! Quinn loved it!


The Seas with Nemo & Friends Ride through ‘aquarium’ with Nemo and Friends popping up along the way!


World Showcase We just strolled through, but it was cool! Would make for a great “date night!”


Journey Into Imagination with Figment Slow moving ride with the little purple dragon throughout. Cute…no line! 


Captain EO Corny 3D Michael Jackson musical…a little scary.


Soarin’ SO amazing! Be sure to get a Fast Pass! And, don’t miss the smells! :) My favorite thing at Epcot!


Coca-Cola Flavors Around the World a fun Coke taste test…a great place to get a much needed drink and caffeine boost!


Spaceship Earth Slow moving ride in “the ball!” The movie at the end makes it worth it! :) No wait!


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