Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Disney World…Day 3: Animal Kingdom

For those of you that thought Disney’s Animal Kingdom was a glorified zoo, you’re CRAZY! Our day at Magic Kingdom would be hard to beat…but, our amazing day at Animal Kingdom came close.

We arrived at the park a little after 9:00. Five out of the six of us were bright eyed and bushytailed…Nash was already ready for his morning nap. Sweet love. Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 183
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 216
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 220After walking through the beautiful Oasis…and stopping to admire the ginormous Tree of Life…we took lots of pictures using our Photo Pass. (more on that to come) Getting all of us to look at the camera is QUITE a chore…but, we got a few worth keeping! Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 186
Photo0053FourBySix Photo0063FourBySix



As soon as we had reached our “cheese face” limit, we headed straight to Camp Minnie-Mickey. Getting there right away was SUCH a good idea…because our wait was minimal. And, my boys FINALLY got to meet Goofy and Mickey! Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 222
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 226
Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 192Watching Quinn with these guys is about the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. His smiles are so genuine and you can tell how happy he is to give them lots of love…hugs, high fives, knuckles, hand holding, and more. DARLING! The sweetest thing is that he always wanted to give them something…a cool leaf or a stick! AND, he couldn’t leave without showing the “I Love You” in sign language. I hope that guys (or girls) inside that costume know how magical they make it for these little ones! I wonder if they’re smiling behind that mask! If they aren’t…they should be! :)
Photo0115FourBySix Photo0118FourBySix

Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 228

Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 236
Photo0130FourBySix Photo0131FourBySix
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 244
 Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 246
When Nash finally got to meet his FAVORITE guy in the world, he wasn’t all smiles…but there were no tears either! We like to think he was STAR STRUCK! I was definitely excited enough for both of us! ha.

We had absolutely NO problem holding up the line to get EVERY picture that we wanted with this guy! You only meet Mickey for the first time once, right?
Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 209


Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 254

Photo0162FourBySix Photo0165FourBySixPhoto0167FourBySix Photo0170FourBySix


Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 259

Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 227
After our celebrity sightings, we walked down the street to watch the Festival of the Lion King. Amazing is SUCH an understatement. It was like a Broadway show!!! I could have watched it a dozen times. Quinn was mesmerized…and, crazy enough, Nash was lulled to sleep! Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 237Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 272Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 266Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 268Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 269Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 275Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 244Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 247
Then, we were off to Africa. We searched for birds and saw all kinds of cool African animals. The Pangani Forest Exploration was cool! It was the part of Animal Kingdom that reminded me the most of a zoo…but it was still fabulous!
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 277Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 280

Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 282
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 283 Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 287Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 259 Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 260

Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 267

Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 292
 Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 184

Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 288

Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 294
Next, we hopped aboard the Wildlife Express. Such a cool open sided train. We didn’t stay at the destination (Rafiki’s Planet Watch), but just stayed on and rode it back…it was a nice break that showed us the “back yard” of the park.
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 300Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 304

Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 302
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 307Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 308Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 310Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 279

Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 288

Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 304

And, with much anticipation, we went to the Tusker House for our lunch reservation. We made the reservation in order to get free reserved seats at the afternoon Nemo show…but, the food was YUM as well! It was a buffet full of top-notch and different foods. I would recommend it, for sure! (And Quinn would recommend the chocolate/strawberry mouse dessert…I think he ate 5!)
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 312Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 313

Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 315
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 317 Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 320
{Photo courtesy of Quinn…cute, huh?}Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 322
After stuffing ourselves full (and, let’s say that the Tusker House TOTALLY lost money on the fact that Nash ate for free…he INHALED everything)…we took our Fast Passes to the Kilimanjaro Safari. While we waited for about 10 minutes, Matt decided he wanted to be like the gross couples at Six Flags…but, thankfully, our safari jeep came quick! :)
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 323Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 325
And, it was so super cool! We saw lots of amazing animals and our tour guide made it extra fun. The giraffes and baby elephant were my favorite…and I loved the “upside down trees!” This is a ride that would be cool to do again and again…I’m sure you’d see new and different things each time.
  Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 326Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 292Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 331
After the safari, we made our way to the main street to see “Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade.” It was so colorful and cool. {not literally, though! I actually thought I might pass out from the heat during this parade…the hottest I got the WHOLE time!} Matt and Quinn were actually across the street from us (so we could all have a front row seat) and I LOVED watching him react to things. My favorite was this amazing giraffe that was “eating” the leaves right above his head…and came right down to him. I also loved the cool costumes on the stilt walkers. An impressive parade…and one to be sure to attend!  Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 306Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 310Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 316Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 319Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 320Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 333
After the parade…and some COLD water, it was time to find our “reserved” seats for Finding Nemo- The Musical. Trust me when I say that words could NEVER describe how much I LOVED this show. Amazing, AMAZING, Ah-MAY-ZING!!!! It was at least 30 minutes and, between this and the Lion King show, our tickets were worth EVERY penny. I would paid our admission JUST to see those two things! …Needless to say, DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!  (P.S. The pelican might have been my favorite!) Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 338
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 337
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 338Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 344Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 351Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 358Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 360Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 364Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 366

Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 369 Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 372
Cooling off to such a great show gave us the perfect re-charge for the rest of our day. While Mammer & Slickpaw took Q to The Boneyard to dig for dinosaur bones, Matt, Nash and I grabbed a Fast Pass for Dinosaur.

Then, before our Fast Pass time came, Q and I had a “date” to ride Triceratop Spin. Q was a tad nervous as we went up but ended up having a good time. Mommy was ONCE AGAIN excited enough for the both of us…and I loved seeing our little crew watch us…
Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 357Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 360

Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 362

Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 364Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 377Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 379
Then, Matt and I went on our own little “date” to ride Dinosaur! Q could have ridden it, but I’m SO glad we didn’t take him. He wouldn’t have slept for weeks! It was very dark and pretty scary! It was fun for us “grown-ups” though.

While we were there, Mammer and Slickpaw took the boys to meet Goofy and Pluto! Cute…cute!
Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 384

Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 368

As Mammer and Slickpaw took there turn to ride Dinosaur, we took Q to get his daily sussy! He picked and extra cool Mickey Pirate Mater. Oh, how the marketing works for my little character obsessed guy! And, I found a darling “Mickey ears” Christmas ornament. Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 386Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 388

After that, we were tired and we knew it was time to call it a day. But, on our way out, we caught the end of the “Block Party!” So cute…and Q was hilarious dancing with all of the guys! I love the unexpected fun that seems to find you everywhere when you’re at Disney World!!!Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 393Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 375Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 390

It truly was ANOTHER perfect day! I absolutely LOVED Animal Kingdom…it was such a beautiful park and, due to the twists, turns and natural decor, it never seemed that crowded. We had a blast!… Another day full of magical moments and memories! Slickpaw's Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 380

Recap of Day 2: Animal Kingdom

My Notes:


Camp Minnie-Mickey Perfect spot to meet the main characters without too much wait! And, very shaded waiting…go first thing in the morning! 10
Festival of the Lion King AMAZING show! Must see!! 10
Pangani Forest Exploration Where it gets the “zoo” comparison. Cool, though! 6
Wildlife Express A train ride that takes you to Rafiki’s Planet Watch…the train ride was nothing special but it was a nice break. We didn’t do the Planet Watch, so no comment there! 5
Tusker House Restaurant Yummy! Reservations required. And, if you go at the right time, you get reserved seats at the Nemo Musical 9
Kilimanjaro Safari Fabulous! So cool to ride through a “zoo” with a fun story! Quinn LOVED it! 9
Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade Darling…colorful and fun! Very different from the Magic Kingdom parades. 9
Finding Nemo-The Musical Amazing!!!! Seriously could not say enough great things about this show!!! MUST SEE! 10
The Boneyard A little “dinosaur dig” playground. Cute. 6
Triceratops Spin Just like Dumbo…without the wait. 6
Dinosaur WAY too scary for little ones…but fun for us! 7
Block Party Cute, interactive dance party. 7

Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 394

{Q chillin’ out watching a show that evening! He has already loved EVERY second and couldn’t be a more perfect little guy!!!}


twinkietotmom said...

Your family is seriously so stinkin' cute!

My girls fell asleep during the Lion King show when we went to Animal Kingdom for Mother's Day...I wonder what it is about that show because it's pretty loud! I guess the darkness!

We live in Central FL so going to Disney is something that happens regularly...but seeing your "tourist" point of view is fun! So glad ya'll had a great time!

Donnell Days said...

I am loving these posts! Hudson sat down with me and looked at all the pictures and looked up at me and said, "I think we need to go there!" So cute...looks like we need to start planning our trip!

Danae Jones said...

Wow, this looks like so much fun! We're doing a big family vacation with our boys next year and I'm really leaning towards Disney World now! Love these posts (or really anything you blog!) so keep 'em coming!

Has anyone ever told "Mammer" that she's a dead ringer for Bonnie Hunt?

Jennifer said...

I love all of your pictures and will definately be coming back and looking at everything when we finally decide to go to Disney.

Also, side note, but where did you get your shirt you are wearing in these pictures? It is too cute!

Candice Brevard said...

That trip looked like a blast. Great photos!

I voted for you over at Circle of Moms! :)


Laura said...

Loving the Disney posts!
The shows at AK are my favorite thing there!