Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quinn’s Lunches: LAST ONE!

Before I share Quinn’s last day of school and our “Hello Summer Party,” I thought I’d show you my MOST impressive lunch yet!…Try NOT to be jealous of Q and don’t judge me for ALL of the time and heart I put into making this spectacular lunch…
mid May 2011 085

mid May 2011 086

Isn’t it amazing!? And, sadly, HE LOVED IT! What’s a mom to do!? I even used the lunch bag that they sent home with him to remind us to back a disposable lunch. ha.

Anyway, I did have MORE fun making his lunches this year and look forward to getting to do it all over again next year. Sure, they got less and less creative as the year went on…but, he loved them all the same. Be sure to get an Easy Lunchbox for your little school kiddo for next year…or, better yet, get them now and use them all summer! I couldn’t be happier with this product…

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Unknown said...

LOL I love this. My kids lunches are not as cute and fun as some and yeah.. they'd probably be excited by a lunchable here and there.