Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We COULD NOT have been happier with Quinn’s first year of pre-school! We loved the curriculum, the teachers, his new friends…and, most importantly, HE LOVED IT! I feel so thankful that his first impression of school was such a positive one and will forever be grateful to his first teachers for making it so special for him. …

But, even though I cherished the one-on-one time with my Chubber Bubs, I was excited to start our summer and have lots more lazy days at home! So, when he was at school for the very last day, I got ready to celebrate! …

I made a “run through” sign for him (a new tradition)…Last of School 2011 007…and made the easiest, jello “cake”…decorating it with his legos. I had MORE fun making this fun little treat…
Last of School 2011 011
Last of School 2011 009
Last of School 2011 015
Then, at the end of the day, Nash, Matt and I headed up to school to celebrate a whole school year completed!…
Last of School 2011 017

All 12 friends and both teacher were there to celebrate the last day of school…
Last of School 2011 022

Last of School 2011 028

And, my boy was on a MASSIVE sugar high…having the best time acting like a nut…Last of School 2011 032
The class played outside together before it was time to go home. Last of School 2011 036
Last of School 2011 041
It was bittersweet saying goodbye to Miss Kara and Miss Lisa! What sweet and special ladies they were to Q this year…
Last of School 2011 044Last of School 2011 045
But, when we got home, it was time to PARTY>>>>>>
Last of School 2011 050He ran through his sign, scootered down his “bubble wrap track” that I made him, played in the pool full of balls (see it in the background), and enjoyed his cake!

Goodbye first year of preschool…HELLO SUMMER! We’re glad you’re here!
Last of School 2011 055

Last of School 2011 059


And, just because I can’t stand it…here are my two loves on the first day of school…8 months ago. How they have changed!!!….


Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I love how you made Quinn's last day of school so special. My son's last day is on Friday --- he will just love running through a sign! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

the tichenor family said...

you are THE CUTEST mama ever. I was totally inspired (yet again) by your creativity and did something special and fun for my sweet boy's last day of school today. Thank you for sharing your precious ideas with the blog-world. They are making for happy memories in my home as well.