Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Virtual Trip to West Virginia…

Last weekend, my two big boys left me. And, as much as I tried to hide it,  I was secretly heartbroken that they were going on a big plane, halfway across the country, without me! And, I was sad that Q and Matt were going to be a part of a wedding that I wasn’t going to attend. Jealous Mommy through and through.

But, behind tears, I packed their bags and waved goodbye as they walked through security. One sad momma and one Chubber Bubs headed to the car to start the longest time I’d ever been away from Q! (and the only time for Nash!)
iphone 291
But, within moments, I got these pictures. And, my heart smiled. What a special opportunity these two had to spend the whole weekend together…just the two of them! iphone 294iphone 295iphone 296iphone 297iphone 298
But, I was SUPER thankful when I got the phone call that they had landed in West Virginia. I didn’t like them flying without me. They got their rent-a-car (and rent-a-carseat) and  Q was asleep within NO time. That 5 a.m. wakeup was finally catching up with him. iphone 299
Their Friday was a whirlwind. Flight to Atlanta. Layover. Flight to West Virginia. 45 minute drive to hotel. Visit to Marshall University. (from We Are Marshall) Rest for half a second. Get ready for rehearsal. Rehearsal. Dinner. Back to the hotel for bath and bedtime.

And, I got this picture. One proud boy who was READY to show off his cool Wolverine that Corbin and Alaine gave him for being their ring bearer.  iphone 302
And we skyped. Skype is so fabulous. I loved seeing my guys!!!iphone 321iphone 300
The next morning, I got this picture. Room service is fun! iphone 303
And, for lunch, they ate at this hotdog place. The oldest drive-in in WV. iphone 305
Then, FINALLY, I got THIS picture! The one I’d been waiting for! Melt my heart. My two handsome men ready for the wedding!|
iphone 307
And, a few hours later, I got lots more pictures…and videos…it was wonderful to get to “be there!” How sweet are these two!?!? So happy for them…
iphone 310
Apparently, my little ring bearer was quite the little entertainer. Not only did he interrupt his Daddy while he was officiating the wedding (MY. WORD. I. WOULD. HAVE. DIED!!!!), but he was killing it on the dance floor. And, the flowergirls WOULD NOT leave him alone. They chased him around and around and around. How could you blame them!? And, he asked the mother-of-the-groom to dance! What a little heartbreaker!
iphone 314iphone 316iphone 317iphone 318
And, despite their crazy day, Daddy didn’t want the fun to end. So, they went to a 9:30 3D showing of Rio. Quinn had already seen it, but loved it even more the second time! And, he LOVED this poster in the lobby…
iphone 322
I loved their pouty, “we miss you, Mommy” picture!!!…iphone 323iphone 324
He was EXHAUSTED! I got this picture at 9 something on Sunday morning. This NEVER happens!!!iphone 325
And, what was supposed to be an fairly easy travel day, resulted in all day delays and layovers from WV to home. The weather was nasty…and, at about 8:30 on Sunday night, Nash and I finally got to see our family! We were SUPER excited and missed them so! iphone 327

I felt like they had been gone FOREVER! Even though I didn’t think my heart could grow fonder, absence sure did make it that way! I was so very thankful that Matt kept me involved in every part of the trip by sending me so many pictures and videos. It made the time away MUCH easier!!!

And, I even got a sussy. (Which was ALL Quinn’s idea!!!) He thought I needed a pink “Tender” (the name of my childhood teddy bear) to sleep with every night. Sweet love. Nash got a cute teddy bear too! :) I love how thoughtful he is! Beg. of May 2011 067
But, despite our sadness and missing our Daddy and big brother, we had a little fun of our own. Mammer and Slickpaw came in town and we took Nash to Canton for the first time! He was a good little shopper…and LOVED lots of bites of Slickpaw’s turkey leg…a guy after his Daddy and Slickpaw’s heart! …They go to Canton for the food! :)
iphone 309

iphone 311

iphone 313


The White House Baby said...

Super jealous of your trip to Canton! One of my favorite places to go :) And props to your hubby for taking pictures!

Miranda said...

Ahhh!! I'm from Huntington, WV! I went to Marshall!! :-) So good to see pictures from BACK HOME!!! :-)

Are ya'll from WV?!?! :-)

ThePoeFam said...

Hi Miranda,
What a small world!! No, we're not from WV. Our associate pastor's son is who got married and his new wife is from there. Her maiden name is Capper! :)