Saturday, April 02, 2011

Quinn’s “REAL” 4th Birthday!!!

So, here’s a post for the blog book! (and the grandparents!) Just a little wrap up of celebrating the big F.O.U.R. with our first born.

It was a fabulous weekend. The party was on Friday and the celebrating continued on from there. We came home from the party and Q was SUPER excited to open all of his presents. WOW is an understatement!

Then, on Saturday, Slickpaw had the great idea for us to go to the Rainforest Café. Quinn loved it and was too darling pretending to be a gorilla while they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. You could tell he felt so special and super cool! (Sadly, Daddy couldn’t join us…he was speaking at a Men’s Retreat!) Quinn's 4th 004
Quinn's 4th 008
Quinn's 4th 011
Quinn's 4th 014
Quinn's 4th 015
Quinn's 4th 017Then, after a Chinese dinner, we went to bed so that we could wake up with our BIRTHDAY BOY! It was FINTALLY time to celebrate his REAL birthday.

We woke him on Sunday morning with the video camera and singing. He was a doll and SOOO excited! Look at his face seeing the birthday pennant. So sweet.
7952131140105We all got some birthday boy lovin’ and let him open one present before we got ready for church.
8540031140105He was the star at church. Getting “Happy Birthdays” from everyone because of his fabulous blinking “Birthday boy” button. And, after church, he chose Freebirds for lunch. None of us opposed. Yum.
Quinn's 4th 023Quinn's 4th 027
And, what’s a trip to Freebirds without some foil sculpting.
Quinn's 4th 031
When we got home, Quinn was surprised with his yummy Mammer-made cake. What a treat that she makes his birthday-day cake each year. And, needless to say, he loved it!!!
Quinn's 4th 032
After some snuggle time and pictures with his baby, he finally got to rip into all of the presents from us and Mammer & Slickpaw. He was spoiled EVEN more…getting every Imaginext thing he could ever want…and more! What a blessed little man!
Quinn's 4th 038

Quinn's 4th 040

Quinn's 4th 046
We took our annual nose picture and spent the rest of the day at home playing with all of those amazing new toys. He even chose to stay home and eat PB & J for dinner so that he could keep playing.

He thanked us and Jesus for his perfectly blessed day. What a sweet FOUR year old love we have! We absolutely LOVED celebrating him.



Quinn's 4th 048


Jamie said...

i recently found your blog and i LOVE everything you do! you are such a fun mom to two adorable little boys! i'm planning a superhero party for my son and i am so inspired by everything you did for Quinn! it looks like he had a great birthday!

where do you get most of his clothes? im obsessed with the way you dress him!

ThePoeFam said...

THANK YOU!!! You are too sweet! Boys are fun, aren't they?! ... About his, there and everywhere! Jeans...Children's Place. T-shirts...OldNavy, Target. Button ups...Ross, OldNavy, Nordstrom. Polos...TJMaxx. Shorts...Gap, Macys. ....I'm a shopper! :)