Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sugar & Spice…

A daughter is a little girl who grows
up to be a friend. 
~Author Unknown

This week, I met three baby girls! Jealous? You should be. Each one is so precious and am so excited that they are all here…all healthy …and all so very beautiful! I can’t wait to watch their Mommies raise them into such amazing little ladies.

First up, on Monday, I met Miss Campbell. Is she not a doll? My friend, Lyric, is going to do having a girl justice. The room…the bows…the clothes…it’s all TOO much!!! I love it! And I loved spending time loving on her…Quinn's 4th 070Then, on Wednesday, the whole PoeFam headed up to the hospital to meet Miss Harper Grace. Harper is the 3rd girl in the Garland family and is STUNNING! And, as much as I loved loving on her, I think my hubby loved it even more. I just can’t get over how sweet he is with little girls. Surely Jesus knows how bad he needs one! …And, we are so excited for Nash to have a little buddy in Harper…just like Quinn has in her big sisters!
Quinn's 4th 077

Quinn's 4th 079
Quinn's 4th 083And, last but not least, on Thursday I met Miss Clara Rose. All 10 pounds 3 ounces of her. The moment I saw her, I was in LOVE. She is like a living doll and her CRAZY Mommy gave birth to her the day before AT HOME!!! (not quite what they had planned…but, OH THE STORY!!!)

I am so excited to watch Jessica as she raises this precious princess…what a blessed little one she is!Quinn's 4th 089
Quinn's 4th 093

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