Friday, January 21, 2011

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 16

I had an off lunch week! After the sickness that went on at our house, I just wasn’t very motivated to muster up a super creative lunch. But, thanks to the Goodbyn, even an ordinary lunch looks pretty fabulous.

Nothing like these, though!!!…


MERCY ME!!! I thought about pretending that these were Quinn’s lunches this week, but surely you wouldn't have believed me! Those of you that think I’m crazy just found a new definition for “CRAZY!” If I made lunches that looked like these, I wouldn’t let ANYONE eat them! WOW!!!

But, here are my sad little attempts this week…
Lunch #1: At least Q’s PB sandwich was happy. And, Quinn loved his hair!
6 month pics and more 007
6 month pics and more 009
Lunch #2: I must admit that I’m still super excited about using Nash’s baby food containers for Quinn’s lunches. They’re the perfect size!

Lunch week 16 002


Unknown said...

wow those first lunches ARE CRAZY! i didn't know it could get that, uh, involved!
too cute.

Claire @ Completely Claire said...

Okay, I just found your blog and am becoming more and more obsessed the more I click "older posts!" You are the cutest thing ever and have the most adorable children! Are you still teaching?? I am from Denton and will graduate from Oklahoma State in May! I am student teaching in 1st grade! I am so glad I found your blog!
Claire :0)