Monday, January 24, 2011

My Bottomless Pit…

SNOW! 037Green Beans…half of a check
Sweet Potatoes…check
Sweet Peas…check

Since he’s eating two containers of veggies {or more} a day, we’re now moving on to fruits! I have a good feeling he’s going to like them!

P.S. We sort of tried the whole Baby Led Weaning thing. I thought it was cool that I could hand my 6 month old “real food.” But, after giving him celery for the first time, he choaked so horribly that it FREAKED us all out. So, we’re going to stick with the normal pureed stuff. And, if you know what I did wrong…or if BLW has worked for you….I’d love to know how!




emily p said...

My son Alex is 8 months now. We started the self feeding at 7 months with things like cooked green beans in bite sized potions. Also baby chunks of banana dusted with a little dry rice cereal or baby oatmeal make them less slippery so baby can get a grip on them.

Kristin McNeil said...

we did 'self-feeding' with austin (who is now 17 months). but mostly because he refused to eat baby food, not that i blame him! and we didn't start feeding our little chunk anything but breastmilk until closer to 8 months i think. and then i just cut up whatever we ate (minus anything too spicy) and threw it on his highchair. he literally went from breastmilk to meats/veggies/fruits.

Brooke & Freeland said...

we do that with River.. (if I read the wiki page right?) He really initiated it on his own wanting to feed himself. Probably around 7 months? We started with really tiny bananas and then pears and now he eats pretty much anything we put in front of him as long as it fits in his mouth! :) We still do baby food too but I always give him other stuff with it.

Whittney said...

We did BLW with my daughter (2.5) and we're starting it with my son (6 months) and I kept two things in mind! First, there is a difference between choking and gagging. The latter is going to happen a lot with some babies. Second, I would stick to much softer chunks of food like sweet potatoes/peas/bananas/avocado/etc...maybe the celery was too advanced until he gets more teeth! Good luck!

Kate said...

Asher didn't start eating until 9 months. It drive me NUTS! I was convinced that he would start sleeping better at night if he would eat food....not so much.
We do BLW, only eating pureed food if we are out (love the Plum organics in a squeezy pouch). I started out by making things into sticks so he could hold them and eat them himself- I sauteed sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, beets, green beans in coconut oil. Also sticks of banana, pears, or steamed/sauteed apples. Steamed egg yolk is another awesome first food. Avocados in the mesh feeder was a favorite too.
"Real Food for Mother and Baby" by Nina Plank is a great book to read.
Have fun!

Sara said...

My kids' favorite BLW foods..... sweet potato fries, melon, pear, banana, chicken breast, black beans, steamed broccoli. They didn't like plain avocado much, but I would freeze chunks of it for the mesh feeder and that worked well. We did a lot of "fry" shaped stuff. Also, grated apple was big favorite.

Once you are giving him breads/pasta etc... there are a LOT of other options! I need to refresh my memory on this stuff now that #3 is here.

Meg said...

baby food is easy for out and about, but "real food" is great at home! steam or boil almost any fruit or veggie and cut into tiny pieces. banana, avacado, green peas are good to just cut and feed. cut up a cereal bar really tiny, also pieces of muffin, bagel, etc. of course puffs/cheerios. my liam never ate baby food and while at first it was a pain, it ended up much cheaper!