Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nash: Six Months Old

6 month pics and more 065Sweet Nash,
How do I love you!? I could NEVER count the ways! You are beyond precious and your happiness makes me a better person!  This month, as you turned a whole half of a year old, you became even more amazing. Your personality is shining through and I love every (well, almost every) moment that I get to spend with you. You melt my heart every single day. 

      6 month pics and more 033    6 month pics and more 034
During this month, we got to experience the Christmas season with you. You happily tagged along as we did all of our traditions and enjoyed the holiday as a family of four! Santa didn’t scare you one bit…and you would smile at the big Santa picture at our house every time you would see it! You loved all of the glitter and lights that came out at our house this month…and you were such a sweet little joy on Christmas morning. I look forward to seeing you get more and more excited about Jesus’ Birthday as you and your brother grow up together.

6 month pics and more 037

Your brother truly became your favorite person this month. Sure, you want Momma when you’re tired and hungry, but Quinn is your entertainer of choice. He makes you laugh SO hard…and you love it when he gets in your bed with you after naps. He’ll bring boo-coos of toys and books into your crib…and he’ll read to you…sing to you…roll you over…and show you all of your toys. On many days this lasts for 20 or more minutes. Sometimes, I just sit in my room and watch you both on the monitor. It is truly priceless.

You also fell in love with you puppies this month. You’ll smile at both Krozby and Kia and laugh at them when they’re silly. Because Kia is such a good dog, she’ll sit right next to you and let you pull on her collar and her ears. She welcomes your attention and affection. You love it when she licks your fingers and your toes. And, I love that you’re growing up learning to love sweet pups. 6 month pics and more 042It’s amazing how aware of things you have become this month. You ALWAYS notice when we’re eating and grab at our plates, utensils and cups. I have even gotten my plate pulled into my lap twice by you! I think you’re ready to eat!!!

You now know how to grab your passy and put it in your mouth. I watch you in the monitor and you’ll find it, put it in your mouth and fall back asleep! I’m SUPER happy about this skill!

And, as far as sleep goes, you’re doing great! You take two good naps a day (usually 1 1/2 to 3 hours!) and sleep from about 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. (waking up once to eat…I know you don’t “need” it…but it’s SO much easier to just feed you for a sec and put you back down!) 6 month pics and more 044You have pretty much mastered sitting up this month and are trying so hard to crawl. We love to watch you rock and rock and rock on your hands and knees. We’re pretty sure you’ll be mobile any day now!

This month you got BOTH of your bottom teeth…and, it’s precious! I love to see those little pearly whites when you smile at me. And, until you bite me, I’ll think they’re the cutest thing in the world! 6 month pics and more 045Even though you’re the happiest baby I think I’ve ever seen, you have your DEFINATE grumpy times. You still hate your carseat and will SCREAM and SCREAM when you don’t want to be in there. The evenings are often rough…but you usually calm down with a bath and bedtime! And, when you want to be held, you WANT TO BE HELD. You’ll yell and talk to me until I know it…and, if I put you down again, you’ll cry the most heartbreaking cry. A little high maintenance, for sure!!! Good thing you’re cute…because, MERCY ME, you’re HEAVY!!!

Sadly, part of your sadness this month was due to sickness. After the nighttime fussiness & your yucky congestion got out of control, we decided it was time to take you to the doc. And, when we got there, we found that you had RSV and a double ear infection! So sad!!! We started antibiotics and breathing treatmests immediately. Thankfully, they helped you get better fast. It was so sad to hear you cough. We’re praying you stay super healty from here on out! 6 month pics and more 046You have learned the hilarious trick of growling this month. It’s a little endearing thing that you do. If you get into my arms, you’ll usually bury your face into my shoulder and growl…it’s like you’re saying “I gotcha Momma!” We laugh every time. You’re a mess.

Thankfully, this month, you have learned how to play by yourself a little better. You love your new excersaucer, have so much fun bouncing in your jumperoo and will scoot around on your playmats. I’ll even lay you on your belly around lots of your toys and you’ll scoot and play with those. It’s nice to be able to get some stuff done while you’re awake. You outgrew your first bouncy seat…which broke my heart a little! You’re growing up too fast!
       6 month pics and more 054    6 month pics and more 055

6 month pics and more 058

Bottom line…I love you so much!!! Too much, probably. I love your chubby little thighs and your cankles. I love the way you scratch my side while you eat. I love how your eyes light up when you see me. I love that you let me kiss you a million times a day. And, I love that you’re all mine! (& Daddy’s and Quinn’s, too, I guess!?)

Thank you for blessing me with your sweet life. And for giving me another reason to thank Jesus every day. You are a perfect fit in our family and I can’t imagine our days without you!

Your Mommy

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Six Months Old: Quinn Nash
Weight 17 lbs. 4 oz. (50%) 21 lbs. 1 oz. (95%)
Height 26.8 (75%) 27 inches (75-90%)

First Tooth

almost 7 months

5 months, 3 weeks
Sitting Up 6 months 5 months, 3 weeks

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