Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Family-filled Start to 2011!

I must admit that New Year’s Eve has always seemed overrated to me. So, having kids doesn't really put a damper on any fun that I wish I was having.

Actually, it makes it even more fun!!! On the last day of 2010, Matt watched Nash so that Quinn and I could go on a date. Since we’ve only been “just us” two other times since Nash was born, we both were super excited.

For our first stop, I let him choose lunch. And he chose “Old McDonald’s,” of course. Why do kids love it so? McD's DateThen, we were off to the movie. When we got to the ticket booth, my little man said, “I wanna be a gentleman and pay for it!” So, I gave him the money and he proudly purchased our Tangled tickets and carried them to the guy. What a darling date! Gentleman As we waited for our movie to begin, we started snacking on our candy and enjoying our coke. It was already perfect.

But, as soon as the previews began, I lifted the armrest up and my sweet little love cuddled close to me THE ENTIRE movie. And, at the sweetest part, he hopped up in my lap because he “wanted to cuddle closer!”  That might have made me cry! :) And, despite the fact that some wiggly little feet knocked over our coke, it was the ABSOLUTE perfect date. Tangled-Movie-PosterTangled After an afternoon of resting, Matt surprised Quinn and took him to ANOTHER movie. Yogi Bear. WOW! What a treat! Nash and I stayed home as the two big boys went out on their alone time. Yogi-Bear-Movie-Poster1 DaddyDate

And, they had a great time too! 

When they got home, we got our boys ready for bed and enjoyed the evening together. Wine…Rummikub…and watching the ball drop. Easy and great!

But, New Year’s Day was all about family fun!
We got up and went to a yummy IHOP breakfast. Since Matt goes to this IHOP weekly with his Bible Study guys, I got to meet the waitress that they always pray for. And, this time, Quinn prayed for her and her family. It was such a sweet moment…and she was so touched that a child would pray for her. IHOP After Christmas 2010 & NY 2011 031   After Christmas 2010 & NY 2011 032
When we got home, we made fun New Year’s hats. And, after we ALL had a good nap (due to a HORRIBLE New Year’s Eve night of sleep…thanks scary part of Tangled & teething baby!), we had a little photo shoot. After Christmas 2010 & NY 2011 059

After Christmas 2010 & NY 2011 040
   After Christmas 2010 & NY 2011 043    After Christmas 2010 & NY 2011 047

After Christmas 2010 & NY 2011 054
  After Christmas 2010 & NY 2011 061
After Christmas 2010 & NY 2011 062

After Christmas 2010 & NY 2011 065
Dinner included black-eyed peas (which Q LOVED!)…Dessert was smores…and, now we’re enjoying a quiet evening by the fire. After Christmas 2010 & NY 2011 070 It was a perfect New Year’s Day and a great start to 2011!  Happy New Year!

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Jennifer said...

How fun! And I love that quilt that is on the back of your couch. Is it an old family quilt?