Saturday, January 01, 2011

Two-Thousand and Ten Highlight Reel…

newyear-clipart-graphicsfairy004b What a year! It’s hard to believe how much our world has changed in 2010.
{Click on each to see some of my favorite 2010 memories…}

January brought beauty.
February brought a surprise.
March brought celebration.
April brought sleeping in.
May brought anticipation.   
June brought overwhelming thankfulness.
July brought a doubled heart.
August brought smiles.
September brought learning.
October brought home.
November brought family.
December brought magic.

It was a beautiful year. A year of changes and joy. A year of happiness and family.
A year of blessing after blessing after blessing.
And, I know it’s just going to get better. I can’t wait to find out how!
Happy 2011!!!


Hayley said...

Hey Brittney,

Just wanted to say how awesome it has been following you and your family on your blog.

I hope 2011 is everything you dream it to be.

Ashley @ ReallyRussell said...

What a blessed and beautiful family. I'm excited for 2011 because my first little boy will be here in April!