Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nash: 5 Months Old

Nash 5 months old 050Oh Chubber Bubs,
Could you be any more precious? I truly don’t think a happier baby exists. Honestly, I’m a little obsessed with you…with your cuteness…with your chubbiness…with your dimples…with your sparkly eyes…it’s all a little too much for me to handle!
Nash 5 months old 003    Nash 5 months old 004 This month you started sleeping in your bedroom all of the time. You do such a good job at eating around 8, and going straight to bed. You usually wake once to eat …sometimes twice and sometimes none!!! And, 99.9% of the time, you wake up happy in the mornings. We love to get you from your room and bring you into our room to talk and play. And, you’re usually up before your big brother, so you get some special attention! :)

You’re napping well too…usually twice in your room. … Unless we’re out and about…then you’ll often nap in your seat. (as long as you’re not SCEAMING…sadly, you’re still not a very big fan of your carseat!) But, goodness knows I can’t carry you around in that thing. … Thank the Lord for the Snap n Go.
Nash 5 months old 007
Nash 5 months old 031 This month you had YOUR first playgroup. It’s already obvious that you’re going to be one social little guy and I loved that you got to start relationships just like your brother did. You also were a hit at your very first Thanksgiving. You met your Great-Grandma Mimi and got loved on by both sets of grandparents, great aunts, uncles and more. Also, on that trip, you stayed in a hotel for the very first time.
Nash 5 months old 012

Nash 5 months old 025    Nash 5 months old 041 This month, on Thanksgiving day, you tried oatmeal for the first time. You weren’t a huge fan, but we’ll keep trying. You still nurse about every 4 hours during the day and aren’t a fan of your bottle anymore. I just thought I was going to have it easy by being able to give you one every now and then. Oh well! You’ll be on baby food soon enough!
Nash 5 months old 044

Nash 5 months old 047    Nash 5 months old 049 
You’re definitely at the stage where EVERYTHING goes in your mouth and you are drooling like a mad man. I just know that we’re going to see a little tooth poking through at any moment. You are loving your toys (your monkey on your car seat, your Ruff Ruff lovey, your Sophie giraffe) and are a CHAMP at tummy time. You even get up on your hands an knees sometimes. Surely you aren’t going to crawl before you decide to sit up!? Nash 5 months old 064
Nash 5 months old 053 Your big brother is absolutely in LOVE with you and still has yet to get jealous of the time we have to give you. He wants to get in bed with you to “read” you stories and is always quick to help when you need a blanket, a burpie or a new diaper. He LOVES to make you laugh and does a SUPERP job at it. You think he’s hilarious. He calls you “My Nasher,” “Chubber Bubber” or “Dee Dee!” We have NO idea where he got that last one, but it’s his current favorite. You almost always take your baths together and he gets disappointed when it’s time to get you out before him. You do so good at tagging along to all of his activities (soccer, school, Thanksgiving programs, big boy playgroups and more!) He’s going to always be so precious to you, I’m sure!
Nash 5 months old 055     Nash 5 months old 063 
Nash 5 months old 067
You are much more of a talker/squealer than your brother was at this point. It’s darling. You love to get really serous and grab our faces when you talk to us. And, you’ll talk and talk to your toys. We love it. Nash 5 months old 069
Nash 5 months old 073
Obviously, you are HUGE! We hear about it ALL of the time. It makes us laugh. People are always surprised when we tell them you’re only 5 months old…and they always wonder what you’re feeding you! But, they can’t resist your rolls! How could they!? Mercy. You’re edible!!!…and you give your Momma a good work out! My arms should be perfectly toned from lugging you around! :) Nash 5 months old 077
Nash 5 months old 078
  But, with each passing day, our hearts grow bigger and bigger for you, Mr. Man. You are a joy…and your “jolliness” is truly contagious! We are so excited to celebrate your first Christmas with you and to sing Happy half Birthday next month.

I love you, baby love!!!
Your Mommy

Nash 5 months old 068     5_months_016


Tiffany said...

Precious, Brittney! Merry Christmas!

Jen said...

Awww! He is absolutely adorable!

Grace said...

Hi Brittney

I believe Quinn's 'Dee Dee' meant younger brother in Chinese.
Chinese: 弟弟
Pinyin: dì di
English: younger brother

Nash is a real teddy bear... so huggable and his smile is really infectious!

Here wishing your family a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Jill said...

Brittney!! Those legs!! :). Love them!!

The Boccias said...

I'm just a blog stalker but wanted to thank you for your blog--I've been reading for quite awhile! Your family is adorable and I love all your ideas.
My baby girl just turned 1 and is such a happy baby, except for in the car. It's awful. She's no better forward facing, which we were hoping would fix the problem! Oh well...we love her anyway. :)
Merry Christmas!