Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Semester Down…

Dec. 16 020My big boy has officially completed his first semester of school. It’s a little hard to believe. And, after 4 months of being away from Mommy for 3 days a week, I feel like he truly has changed.

My little 3 year and 8 month love has…
*become more rambunctious and “boy” (more daring on the playground)
*gotten even more loving
*learned so much more about Jesus and the Bible
*made LOTS of sweet friendships
*made it the whole semester without going in time out
*found a love for “potty humor.” blech.
*truly fallen in love with school!

And, this Momma has…
*learned that I can trust someone with my baby
*prayed for him even more than before
*teared up every time she passes the school and he’s there
*enjoyed the special time that I’ve gotten with his baby brother
*loved packing fun lunches (and, by the way, his teacher say that he gets so excited about them every day!!! Yay!)
*found a new appreciation for teachers and the difference they make in children’s lives!

His teachers are so sweet about him. At the Christmas party, one of them asked me if he wakes up happy every morning! She said that he is the happiest kid she’s ever seen and that his attitude is contagious. …Makes a Momma’s heart swell!

He truly is a gem. A precious and rare little love. And, I’m so proud that he’s mine. 
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How precious!