Thursday, December 23, 2010

Always/Sometimes/Never: Christmas Edition

 pre-Christmas 2010 010   
listen to Christmas music from Thanksgiving until Christmas day
send Christmas cards to about 150 friends and family
get taken back to my childhood when I hear Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers’ Christmas album
get/give new Jammies on Christmas Eve
cry when I read “Mary’s Prayer” in Max Lucado’s One Incredible Moment
go Christmas light looking in jammies
add a little bit to our Christmas decor each year…and to my boys’ Nutcracker collection
get excited to check the mail in December
wish it were colder in Texas at Christmastime

wonder how people don’t love Christmas as much as we do
stress over how long it’s gong to take me to TAKE DOWN our Christmas decor
drink Peppermint Mocha creamer straight from the container
still feel like a kid during this time of year
have to remind myself of the TRUE meaning of Christmas…the most important part! JESUS!!
watch the classic Christmas movies…but never miss Christmas Vacation and Elf
get away with dressing my boys in Christmas attire (mercy, I need a girl!)

have a traditional Christmas dinner
leave the sentimental ornaments off of the tree
pass an offer for Egg Nog. YUM!
doubted Santa until FOURTH GRADE! Bless my heart.
want to stop getting/giving stocking stuffers. It’s my favorite part.
dread hand-addressing Christmas cards or wrapping gifts! I love it.
want it to be over as quickly as it is!

Merry Christmas!!!

pre-Christmas 2010 002
pre-Christmas 2010 012

pre-Christmas 2010 013

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Cliff said...

Always love to see PoeFam4 in person or in pictures!

Sometimes feel sorry for myself when we can't all be together.

Never will stop loving and praying for you!