Thursday, November 25, 2010

“Wolverines are SUPER fast & SUPER strong!”

Nov. 20-21 005Praise Jesus! The “super fast and super strong” Wolverines finished their season on Saturday the 20th. We made it!!! And, despite the fact that water breaks and shadow chasing were WAY more entertaining this season than the actual game, Quinn never wanted to quit…and, I’m proud of him for that!

So, we proudly placed our trophy with the others we’ve already collected in his short 3 1/2 years, and plan on taking a little break from the game. We hope to go back to Soccer Tots for a season and then try it again! …Our goal for next season is to actually KICK the ball!!! Reachin’ for the moon!!!

Nov. 20-21 002Quinn and Hendrix had a little conversation mid game. Mercy!…Nov. 20-21 008

  Nov. 20-21 010   

New friends, Ben and Marc…
Nov. 20-21 006   Nov. 20-21 013  

Nov. 20-21 018

The Fall 2010 Wolverines!!! Nov. 20-21 021

Nov. 20-21 029

Nov. 20-21 022

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