Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nash: 4 Months Old

Pictures taken on time…Letter written a few weeks late! {But we’re pretending that it was on time, k!?}…Four Months Old 013Dear Sweet Nasher,
My soul! How did we ever live our lives without you? It is amazing how much joy and laughter you have brought to our family with your already darling personality. Surely you’re not just four months old. But, even though we feel like we’ve loved you for years, the calendar tells us differently. It’s hard to believe that you came into our little PoeFam just four short months ago. Four Months Old 005 And, in your fourth month, you have become such a character. Chubbier than ever and full of life. You laugh hysterically now and are loving to ‘talk’ to us. We have you stereotyped already and feel that you’ll grow into such a friendly, funny lineman. We’ll see, in time, if we’re right. I always tell you that you’re going to be my bodyguard! :) Four Months Old 010 This month you went on your very first trip. We went to Abilene to visit Mammer and Slickpaw. You were such a good traveler and a good sleeper while we were there. Mammer was so proud to show you off around her school…and everyone oohed and ahhed over you.
mid Nov. 2010 004 You stayed busy this month with all of your big brother’s activities. In spite of the fact that you usually HATE your car seat and SCREAM until you can get out, you gladly tag along to Quinn’s soccer games, taking him to school and to his school pumpkin patch. You also get to go to his playgroup and see him with all of those other big boy friends. You’ll be running with them in no time. mid Nov. 2010 002One of the sweetest things this month was hosting your very first playgroup. You were such a happy host and I loved seeing you with some of the friends you’ll grow up playing with. What a precious and rare opportunity!

On top of that fun memory, we got to take you to the Pumpkin Patch for the first time and celebrate your first Halloween. Seeing you as Robin (your brother’s insistent choice) while Quinn was Batman absolutely melted my heart. We all loved showing you off in your hilarious costume and you were such a trooper as we trick-or-treated for a long time. Four Months Old 014
Four Months Old 015
In your fourth month, you went to the church nursery for the very first time and you did GREAT! You even took a nap in the baby bed in there!! (your brother would have NEVER done that!!!) People love you and you love people! You definitely are not stingy with your smiles and make everyone feel so good by giving them the biggest grins. We love how happy you make others…even strangers! Four Months Old 019We are so thankful that you’re continuing to be such a good sleeper. You are still in our room, but you either wake up once to eat or sleep through the night. Typically you are ready for bed in the 8 o’clock hour…and are up around 6 or 7. The horrible sleepless nights just didn’t last that long with you!

When it comes to eating, you are still eating about every 3 to 3 1/2 hours. But, you’re such an efficient eater. I guess I should expect nothing less! …I mean, just look at ya!

Four Months Old 021 Four Months Old 022 You are generally such a happy little guy…JOLLY, actually! We feel that that word describes you perfectly. You are finally loving to play and give Mommy lots of time to get stuff done when you’re in your bouncy, on your play mat or in your jumperoo. You often squeal with happiness and we love to watch your eyes light up when you look at us. They truly sparkle. Four Months Old 027 You absolutely LOVE bath time. You kick and smile and would stay in there for hours. You love watching your brother play with his toys next to you and kick SOOOO big in excitement while splashing water all over your face…and it doesn’t bother you one bit. It cracks us up to watch your chubby thighs and feet kick with such happiness. Four Months Old 029
Four Months Old 040
But, the icing on this month's cake was your baby dedication. It was so special to have all of your grandparents here to celebrate the fact that we promised to raise you in a home that loves Jesus. I already look at you and know that you are going to do great things for His kingdom…and I pray that you never doubt  how much God loves you!

You are such a dream come true, Mr. Man, and we all three love you more than words could ever express. We can’t wait to see what the next month holds.

Your Mommy

     Copy_of_vbs,_poopoo,_kori,_4months_098 mid Nov. 2010 008

4 months old Quinn Davis Poe Nash Baylor Poe
weight 15 lbs. 1 oz. (50-75%) 18 lbs. 15 oz. (100%)
length 25 inches (75%)  
first trip Kerrville: 3 months old Abilene: 4 months old
baby dedication 1 month old 4 months old

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