Thursday, November 25, 2010

“Thank You Lord for Making Quinn!”

On Monday, November 15th, we had the sweet pleasure of getting to join Quinn at school for his Thanksgiving Finger Food Feast. It was the first program that Quinn had ever been in and I was SUPER excited to be able to watch my baby up on stage.

When we got there, our place was adorned with all of his darling projects, and soon after, he and all of his friends marched in as Pilgrims. We laughed hysterically at how his hat pushed down his ears and how cute he was when he found us and waved.

As they sang their “thankful” songs, {my favorite, Thank You Lord for Making Me!} my heart melted. It was hard to believe that my baby was big enough to be up there on that big stage. Sadly, a crazy kid that stood right behind him distracted him the majority of the time…but, it was still priceless!

After the program, we got to sit with our little man and have our Finger Food Feast!

It was such a sweet reminder that I am so blessed. I am so thankful to be a Mommy and to witness precious moments like these. mid Nov. 2010 016

  mid Nov. 2010 017

  Baby Sister Everley and Baby Brother Nash were the perfect observers…
mid Nov. 2010 021 mid Nov. 2010 023 
Mammer and Slickpaw even stayed in town an extra day to be a part of the festivities…
mid Nov. 2010 024

I loved how Nash beamed at Pastor Randy and Mimi Nancy…
Slickpaw's feast pics 100
Slickpaw's feast pics 065   

Slickpaw's feast pics 068

Slickpaw's feast pics 082
Slickpaw's feast pics 084   mid Nov. 2010 031
mid Nov. 2010 028

Slickpaw's feast pics 087
Slickpaw's feast pics 089

Slickpaw's feast pics 096
  Slickpaw's feast pics 102

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