Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What a sweet difference a year makes...

 A year ago this week, our world was forever changed.
It was on November 2nd, 2009 that we discovered Quinn was going to be a big brother.
Little did we know that, in just one short year later, we'd be in mad love with this face...
 There was no way we could have imagined how our hearts could love our unborn baby love.
There was no possible way that we could have understood the way he'd make us smile.
 And, in that short year's time,we have thanked God a million times for blessing us.
For blessing us with Nash Baylor Poe...our sweet chubber bubs.

{P.S. How cute is he in his onesie that Quinn opened
the day we found out that Nash was a boy?!}
Quinn holding Nash's onesie in Feb. 2009


Casey said...

So sweet! I found out on the same day this year that we're having our first baby! Still in shock, but I'm sure we'll be madly in love before we know it. Congrats again on sweet little Nash.

Unknown said...

wow...already one..snuck up on me..congrats again.ya'll