Tuesday, November 02, 2010

"Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero." ~Marc Brown

These brothers SUPERHEROS absolutely melted my heart this Halloween. I can't tell you how much I loved that Quinn wanted to be Batman and insisted that his baby brother play the role of Robin. They were too cute and stole the show!! We got to spend the evening with our sweet friends, the Garland's, and Quinn had more fun Trick-or-Treating for the first time. What a fun and memorable Halloween...Nash's first!

And, don't let these sweet smiles fool you!

 Quinn Batman was especially tough!!! Just check out those massive muscles and that cape! No messin' around...

 The streets were safe and protected with these two around...

 But, behind that tough exterior, Batman had NO problems showing his excitement for EVERY piece of candy that he was given! And couldn't wait to ask us what it was...

 After the first house, we had to have a little re-cap of the "rules!"...
1. Say "Trick or Treat!"
2. Don't walk in their house! (he totally did)
3. Don't reach in their bowl and grab what you want! (he totally did this, too)
4. Say "thank you!!!"
 And, Nash Robin couldn't resist lots of cuddles. No shame for Batman's sidekick!...

 After an hour of trick-or-treating, Batman was ready to become Bruce Wayne (no lie, that's what he said) and go back to "Kate's house" to check out his loot. He was most excited about his Mickey Mouse card game and his first Ring Pop! 

 Robin had reached his limit too and was ready for some R&R! ...and lovin' from Sarah Paige!

My favorite part of the night was when we were walking down the street and Quinn said, "Robin is Batman's best friend...and Nash is my best friend!" What a love. What a fun night. I'm so thankful that we have lots of Trick-or-Treating years to come!!!

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