Thursday, November 04, 2010

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 8

Due to the busy weekend/week, Quinn’s lunches were a little more plain! But, I think they were fun, none the less. I’m still loving using my Easy Lunchboxes! It makes packing lunch and cleaning it up SO easy!!! {And, since they’re still on backorder, you will get a FREE lunch tote if you pre-order now!!!} Check ‘em out…

Lunch #1: I’m loving these sandwich flat breads! They make for yummy PB sandwiches. And, the Toy Story alien gummy was a hit with my little man! Q is also loving rice crisp chips!  Halloween 2010 084 Halloween 2010 083

Lunch #2: Sliced apples and caramel dip with star sprinkles were the hit of this day’s lunch! Q also loves the fruit bars from Target. Nov. 1-3 002 
Lunch #3: It’s “M” week: I attempted a Monster turkey sandwich (with fruit leather antenna, nilla wafer eye and chocolate covered sunflower seed mouth), added a fun Mater ring, cut an “M” out of cheese, added some Mario fruit snacks, some M&M’s and a picture of Mommy! (Q’s favorite M word, right!?)

Nov 4 001
 Nov 4 003    Nov 4 005 

Nov 4 004

P.S. Easy Lunchboxes has a great page that shows lots of fun links of Mommies that use her system! I’m flattered to say that Quinn’s lunches are featured there too! Click here to see LOTS of great ideas!!!
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Brianne said...

These are great. I just have to have some of those boxes for Betty...and a free cooler...even better!

The Buchanan Family said...

love this, where did you find the containers that are inside (example: holding the carmel dip.)?

Kayla Ann said...

Just ordered me some lunch boxes! Where did you find the holders that fit inside so perfectly?

ThePoeFam said...

Hi there...the little silicone cupcake cups are from Home Goods. But, you can find them LOTS of places...I know Michael's carries some.