Monday, November 22, 2010

I’m Behind!!!

I’ve always been pretty good about staying up to date on this little blog ‘o mine. But, I must admit that I’m a bit behind. And, with all of the craft projects I have on the docket for Thanksgiving break, I may not be caught up for quite some time. We’ll see…with the grandparents taking care of bathtime and more…and with no dishes or laundry to do, I just might have time to do it ALL!!!

In the meantime, here are a few pics {courtesy of Slickpaw} of my sweet boys to tide you over…

Slickpaw's feast pics 035

Slickpaw's feast pics 036

Slickpaw's feast pics 046
Slickpaw's feast pics 051

Slickpaw's feast pics 059

And, be on the lookout for these posts coming soon…

Nash: Four Months Old
Quinn’s Thanksgiving Feast/Program
The Wolverine's Last Game (praise Jesus!!!)
And, a big change at ThePoeFam’s!!!

Ok…just four posts…Not SOOO bad!

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