Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 10

It was a two lunch week once again. On Monday, Quinn had his Thanksgiving Finger Food Feast at school…so, instead of making a fun lunch, I had to make 60 triangle sandwiches! …Definitely not as fun as my normal lunch making!

But, I had a good time with the other two…
Lunch #1: The star of this lunch was the turkey “turkey” sandwich. I loved his Sour Patch Kid gobbler! :) And, this lunch held the last of the Pumpkin Granola until next year. mid Nov. 2010 035
mid Nov. 2010 037
Lunch #2: A “T” lunch…tree sandwiches, yogurt drink pointing to the tongue, a Thomas pick, and tortilla chips topped with a “T” pop tart. 
mid Nov. 2010 038

mid Nov. 2010 039

mid Nov. 2010 041


CasadeKitch said...

Girl, I had a student a couple of years ago and she did amazing things in her kiddos lunch....everyday we could not wait to see what he are now the second person I know....I wish I had that desire, but mine are lucky just to get a lunch!!!LOL! Love it....can't wait to see what you do!

Erin said...

LOVE all your cute bento lunches! We just got our bento boxes in last week and have been having lots of fun with them! Quick question...where did you get your cute grass divider and some of the other accessories? And is the grass reusable, or is it paper? Can't tell from the photos.

Really enjoy seeing all your creative ideas!

ThePoeFam said...

HI! :) The grass divider is a plasticy paper...and it comes TONS to a pack at Asian Markets. I throw it away after each use. ...As far as other accessories...Home Goods, Dollar Tree, and just random Targt dollar spot stuff, homemade stuff, etc. Now that you're looking, you'll find little stuff everywhere!