Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nostalgic Noises

This week we got out Quinn’s jumperoo for Nash to enjoy. I was shocked that it was already time to put my baby love in this “big boy” toy! When we turned on the oh-so-familiar noises, he was in awe. He immediately loved it and it was precious to watch his little face light up.

We also, just like Quinn, got out the Praise Baby DVD’s for Nash to watch while he’s sitting in it. I feel that just yesterday I watched Quinn give me the same darling expressions as he became hypnotized by the music, colors and pictures. I think it’s one of my favorite things. So innocent.

And, truth be told…I get a good 20 plus minutes when he’s playing in it! Such a rarity around here. Oct. 17 010 Oct. 17 012
Oct. 17 014
  Oct. 17 033

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Kelli said...

We just pulled out some of the baby stuff and Caroline put her baby in the bouncy seat. The sound instantly took me back. I am looking forward to more of that with number two!