Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 6

Quinn had some fun lunches this week. I loved coming up with a few little creative touches for each day. And, I used the Easy Lunchboxes, of course!

Lunch #1: Quinn has been learning about creation/Adam & Eve at church and at school. He’s so interested in the fact that the snake told Eve to eat the apple and that she & Adam disobeyed God. I’ve been so impressed with his precious questions and the way it comes up in daily conversations. He has even memorized Genesis 1:1…In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth.                   

So, here’s his little creation lunch…Sun, Moon and Stars sandwiches…fish and frog crackers…and, a little drawing of Adam & Eve on the marshmallow. Hilariously enough, Quinn thought it was a drawing of pirates. He wondered why Eve had on a pirate hat. ha. Maybe I need to brush up on my artistic skills a bit.          Oct. 17 027
          Oct. 17 029    Oct. 17 031
Lunch #2: Letter F Lunch…since it was “F” Week at school!…F peanut butter sandwiches with a family pick…Fruit by the Foot…Football crackers & pretzels…F’s cut out of pepperonis…and Fish swimming in blue Jell-O (with a frog pick)
{I learned that putting gummy things inside Jell-O doesn’t really work very well. The little Swedish fish were extra gooey when it came time for him to enjoy this at lunch.}
Oct 19-21 002
            Oct 19-21 004    Oct 19-21 006
Lunch #3: a Batman theme…since it was dress up day at school! :) … I made bat shaped sandwiches and bat shaped cheese on top of raisins…The little bat cookies were a fun touch…and the plastic Batman ring worked great in the Jell-O!…the little Taco Bueno hot sauce container was perfect for his pickles.
Oct 19-21 019 
I made the picks from stickers that I got at Hobby Lobby and picks from the Dollar Tree…Oct 19-21 023
  These “Tummy Tickler” drinks are the current favorite around here. They have so many fun toppers and they don’t spill. I fill it with juice or Gatorade each day. Batman was perfect for today!…Oct 19-21 024
  Have a great day at school, Batman!… Oct 19-21 030


Bar 7 Ranch said...

I just came across your blog from Whats For Lunch Wednesdays and it is so great!! Your creations are amazing!! I love your little lunch notes. I feel alot of "copy catting" coming! ;) I noticed your "going private" and would be honored to keep following you!! I have a family/bento blog also. Feel free to check it out at My email addy is bar7aggie at yahoo dot com. :)

emily anderson said...

your lunch creations are so great!

i'm sure your little ones LOVE these!

everyday graces said...

Just found your blog today via your other blog (wearing gackey's apron) via

Anyhoo, I just wanted to say "hi" and that this is THE coolest thing ever! You have inspired me! I plan on trying to incorporate "fun" into lunchtime from now on!