Monday, October 18, 2010

Making Mrs. Poe Proud

My big boy has been loving letters for a long time now. And, probably about a year ago, we started working on writing his name. He'd get most of the letters individually, but putting them all together was a bit overwhelming. Going one way with the "u" and then having to go the other way with the "n" was confusing!

But, after lots of practice and encouragement, he got it. For a few months now, he's been writing his WHOLE first name and it makes Mrs. Poe Mommy so very proud!

Check out his chalk name that he wrote on our driveway yesterday! The first grade teacher in me is so proud that he has only ONE capital letter! :)

 I love how proud he is of himself!

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RMRR said...

1st Grade Teachers definitely give that a high 5! My son can now find and correctly identify 4 out of 5 letters in his name and it is SO thrilling!