Sunday, October 17, 2010

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.” –John Ed Pearce

I must admit that I have always loved Abilene. But, when it was time to go to college, I KNEW I wasn’t staying there…and, when it was time to get a job, I KNEW I wouldn’t want to teach there! But, now, as I have lived away from Abilene for 12 years, going home is one of my favorite things to do. Sadly, we aren’t able to do it enough…but, when we do, it still feels like home when I drive into town.

Thankfully, since Matt went to college & was a youth pastor in Abilene, he shares the same love for my humble little town. He too has his favorite spots and restaurants. It’s a fun thing to have in common.

And, now, my sweet boys are getting to learn about Abilene…and all of the fun perks of “small town” life. This was the first trip that I think Quinn really understood where he was and how cool it was to be at Mammer and Slickpaw’s house. I’m sure that after this trip (which was also Nash’s first trip) he’s going to want to go back to do some of the same fun things again. Abilene Oct 2010 029

    Abilene Oct 2010 002
Abilene Oct 2010 005

717414608905 I loved having a little photo shoot with Nash in my childhood room on my childhood bed. He was happy there for a long while! Abilene Oct 2010 012
Abilene Oct 2010 016
Abilene Oct 2010 021
 Abilene Oct 2010 022   Abilene Oct 2010 025And, Quinn was SUPER excited to sleep in his Big Boy bed at Mammer & Slickpaw’s house, to play with my childhood toys (especially the Garfield’s in the bath) and to just spend lots of fun time with his grandparents. Abilene Oct 2010 033
Abilene Oct 2010 034
Abilene Oct 2010 036
Abilene Oct 2010 037
 276314608905 Quinn also had TOO much fun visiting Mammer’s school. We all went to visit (so Mammer could parade around her boys!!!), but Quinn got to stay for the last few hours of school! Mammer’s first graders treated Quinn like a celebrity and my big 3 1/2 year old ate up all of the sweet attention. Mammer said that he was such a dream and that it was so fun to watch him interact with her kids. …What a special memory for both of them. Abilene Oct 2010 040
Abilene Oct 2010 042
A place I LOVED as a kid was Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap. I have so many memories of running and playing outside as a child, going to Arts Festivals, Sunday lunches and graduation parties. So, seeing my boys there was too much fun! Quinn had a blast…and the food was YUM too…steaks, ranch salad, bread pudding and jalapeño cheesecake! It was all SUPER good! Abilene Oct 2010 044
Abilene Oct 2010 045

Abilene Oct 2010 047

Abilene Oct 2010 048

Abilene Oct 2010 051

Abilene Oct 2010 052
  Abilene Oct 2010 054  Abilene Oct 2010 056
Abilene Oct 2010 060
Abilene Oct 2010 062

Abilene Oct 2010 066
   Abilene Oct 2010 069 Abilene Oct 2010 076
Abilene Oct 2010 079

Abilene Oct 2010 087 {Quinn was terrified of the gigantic armadillo. I guess, when you think about it, you can’t really blame him! ha. But, after a while, he had fun throwing rocks at it!}Abilene Oct 2010 092

And, of course, we tried to relax a little bit while we were there…which meant staying in jammies just a little bit longer! 117035608905
Thank you, Mammer and Slickpaw, for such a fun weekend getaway to our home away from home. We loved our time there…and are so happy that Nash’s very first trip was to see you…and to experience a little bit of Abilene.


Laura said...

LOVe Perinis, Love Abilene, Love it that Nash got to visit! WE don't make it back enough but every time it's that same old feeling! HUGS! Nash is getting so big! Does he look like you too?

Kate said...

Okay, seriously, you need to send some of these pictures of Nash to the Kim Dawson modeling agency. He is so stinkin cute!!!