Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quinn's Lunches: Week 5

Due to Fall Break, Q only had 2 days at school this week. And,on the way in to school on our first day back he said, "Sometimes I don't want to leave school!." tear. Oh well..I guess loving school is better than the alternative! :)

Anyway, since the firetruck was coming today, I decided it would be fun to do some meals to go along with Quinn's first "field trip!"

Lunch #1: Thankfully I had this cute wooden cut out to help disguise my ridiculously sad fire truck sandwich. Valiant effort, right? I also added some 9-1-1 cheese, a pretzel stick fire pit and some "fire." (carrots)  

I used fruit leather on top of the bread to make the fire truck nilla wafer wheels (with food safe markers and a pretzel ladder. ...Oh, and it's hard to see, but there's a gummy life saver (cut in half) for the light on top!

Lunch #2: Making use of that cute fire truck again...with a fire dog in front. I tried to think of more "fireman" things, but ended up just packing odds and ends. I guess the Fruit by the Foot is a little like a fire hose! :)
Don't forget to order your own Easy Lunchboxes so that your little one can have fun lunches, too. And, since the containers are on backorder for a few more weeks, you still have the chance to get a FREE lunch tote!!!


The Hyde Family said...

I love your lunch posts. I ordered my Easy Lunchbox yesterday. Thanks for inspiring this mom to make fun lunches.

Jolanthe said...

super cute lunches, girl!!

Jen said...

Saw your post from Easy Lunchbox on Twitter. So cute!

Kids Dream Work said...

Landed here from WFLW! This is super cute! love the firetruck! :)