Sunday, August 01, 2010

My Must-have List for my Baby Love…

In Nash’s 3 1/2 sweet weeks of life, I already have a long list of “must-haves!” And, most of the things are so very different from when Quinn was tiny. It’s amazing to me how much things change/evolve in just 3 years!…Just look at my cluttered bedside…

Of course, there are the obvious things…
bouncy seat
play mat
bassinet in our room
mylecon {Target brand…so much cheaper}

And, then, the new things!…
1. Aden & Anais muslin blankets & burpies: AMAZING…especially for a summer baby! We have four of the smaller ones and one HUGE one…as well as the burpies. It’s all so amazing and they launder wonderfully! I think I want to get the washcloths…and I want to get another big one for Quinn to have!

2. Snap & Go: Why did I not have this with Quinn? Makes running errands so nice!!!
all by myself 
3. Sit & Stand Love it!!! See how cute my boys are on on FIRST outing with just them and Mommy! It was quite the accomplishment! Quinn loves being so close to Nash…and he loves that he can sit or stand!

4. Gripe Water: Good stuff…and it tastes yummy too! I use it when he gets his MEAN hiccups!
5. Miracle Blanket: This was our saving grace with Quinn! And, we use it when Nash needs some help calming down. But, since he’s a tummy sleeper, he isn’t using it at night. I’m still so in love with it though.
6. Organic Cotton Nursing Pads: SOOOO soft and wonderful! So much better than the disposable ones. 
7. Itzbeen: I LOVE this so much. Especially to time how long “itzbeen” since our last feeding and how long Nash slept! It’s so nice to not have to keep those times in my head!

8. California Baby Diaper Area Wash: I use this with EVERY diaper change. It smells so yummy!

9. Summer Bath Seat: So nice to have this compact little bath seat to put right in the tub. And, it folds up so nicely.
10. Huggies Little Snugglers: I feel like such a trader to have this on my list. I would totally consider myself a Pampers girl! But, because of the INSANE leaks, we tried these and I love them! They have lots more elastic to hold in the mess! :)

11.Chicco Car Seat: Hated Q’s car seat! LOVE this one! It’s perfect!!!

12. WubbaNub: SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Cutest thing I’ve ever seen…and Nash is already obsessed! If he continues to love it, I see us getting a few more “that” friends.


Last, but not least…MY most important things…
my Tervis: to keep my water cold all night long
my iPhone: to entertain me during the gazillion feedings each day
the Daddy: what would I do without his help and support?
the Big Brother!: the most precious, most helpful, most loving big brother of all time! Image6


Melody said...

I'm going to have to check out some of those things for my next one. I just bought the miracle blanket, didn't use it with my first but have heard rave reviews so decided I wanted to try it this go around. I am really interested in the stroller and the booty wash. We also have the chicco stroller and carseat and I LOVE it. Such a great purchase :)

kristin fulghum said...

i totally love the aden & anais blankets. definitely my fave.

Jen said...

Love this!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Laura said...

LOVE the sit and stand. Though, it's time for us to move on from it. When both kids are in, it's 80 pounds of kid to push! You'll be using it for a long time (mine are 6 and almost 3)

Danielle said...

Love the Itzbeen! We use it ALL THE TIME - I also couldn't imagine having to keep track of that stuff in my head. We tried the miracle blanket for our little guy (he's 3 months old) and he just hated it. Bummer!

Watson World said...

Thanks for all the great ideas.. I have added most of them to my baby wish list! Your boys are just adorable!!

Brittney said...

Stumbled across your blog, and I'm so glad...these are some great ideas! Have you seen the padalily carseat handle pad ( I got one as a baby gift, and it works great.

Edward Parker said...

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