Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Shower for Nash’s Future Girlfriend

This morning, Nash got all dressed up to go to his future girlfriend’s baby shower!Shannon's Shower and More 061  Shannon's Shower and More 064

Slickpaws pics 087










My precious friend, Shannon…or, who I refer to as my “Mommy mentor”….is getting her sweet girl! I watched her with admiration as she raised her sweet firstborn boy just months after I was married. Then, a little under 4 months before Quinn was born, she had Cruse. We were hopeful that our boys would become best buddies and have been so thankful that our wish came true!

Now, sweet Everley Noele is going to be about 2 months younger that Nash! I feel so blessed to, once again, raise a baby with my dear friend! And, I must admit that I’m so excited to see some pink in our crazy blue mix!

Now, on to the shower…it was so fun throwing a tea party for this {already} loved baby girl and her Momma. The flowers…the food…the invites…the gifts…it was all so girly! And, even though I can’t imagine her with a baby girl, I know it’s going to be the most precious thing…and I’m praying that I continue to follow in her footsteps! I need pink in my house one day, too! :)

Shannon's Shower and More 011  Shannon's Shower and More 015 Shannon's Shower and More 030Shannon's Shower and More 016  Shannon's Shower and More 017 Shannon's Shower and More 032 Shannon's Shower and More 026 Shannon's Shower and More 043 Shannon's Shower and More 037Shannon's Shower and More 055 Shannon's Shower and More 044 Shannon's Shower and More 041Shannon's Shower and More 053 Shannon's Shower and More 057 Shannon's Shower and More 060   Shannon, I love you more than words! Can’t wait for Everley to get here! And, LORD HAVE MERCY…I can’t wait to help you play dress up with her!

And, just because I can’t stand it, here are a few more of my baby love in this darling outfit that his brother wore on his first Easter at a week and a half old!Slickpaws pics 082 Slickpaws pics 080 Slickpaws pics 091 Slickpaws pics 092 Slickpaws pics 098 Here’s the Big Brother in it.  He didn’t fill it out quite as well as Nash did…{Notice that the tie fit his neck AND we had to roll up the pants on him!}…but, I’d say they looked equally precious in pink! :) …Quinn_Week_1_and_2_101


Jill said...

In the group photo, it looks like you all planned to coordinate -- bright colors, sundresses, white pants. Beautiful! And, can I just say that you all are adorable with and without babies in your bellies.

Jessica said...

What a cute shower! Love her name too. I have an Averly so it's close :) You are looking great & Nash is such a cutie!

KSullie said...

I know you dont know me but WHERE did your friend, Shannon, get that pink dress??!