Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What Seven Year Itch?!

On August 2, 2003, I became Brittney Gail Poe.
Needless to say, it was a good day.


230377822505 Copy_of_Copy_of_Copy_of_0232 Now, 7 fabulous years later, I have two beautiful little boys with that man that I married.
It’s actually kind of hard to believe. 
And, I can truthfully say that I love him at least 7 times more than I did on that 105 degree day.
The word “blessed” doesn’t really seem to touch how I feel.   7th Anniversary 010 It was a good anniversary! We car shopped and our friend, “Juh-lissa’ watched Q so that we could have a quiet dinner with us and the itty.
The traditional gifts were wool & copper.
I got Matt a cool long-sleeved soccer jersey that he was SO surprised to get…
{I told him it wasn’t wool, but it would keep him warm!}
I also wrote him a poem using pennies. It was fun to do and he loved it.

He got me GEORGOUS flowers. (not wool or copper, but GREAT!)
And, an amazing necklace to put my “Q” charm and new “N” & “M” charms!
It’s brass…close enough to copper, if you ask me!!! And, it’s PERFECT!
Just wait until you see it!

I made Quinn watch our wedding video with me yesterday afternoon, and he loved every moment.
He’d cuddle closer and say “that’s you, Mommy!…you’re so pretty!”
It was a priceless moment.

Last night, we were too tired to dance to our song…but I’m making Matt dance with me today! :)
Who said we can’t still be celebrating?!
I love that man! Happy 7th Anniversary to us!

7th Anniversary 011

7th Anniversary 0167th Anniversary 014
And, here’s my poem……

In 2003, we said our “i dos”
And you promised to care for me all the years through.

Then 2004 and I loved being a Mrs.
We worked and we played and shared lots of good kisses.

In 2005, we built our first place
Playing house was so fun & God showed so much grace.

A pregnancy came with 2006
We planned for a baby & got new puppy licks.

2007 brought us our happiest day
We welcomed sweet Quinn & loved a new way

In 2008 we celebrated 5 years
And being parents was better than it even appears.

2009 and we got good news once more
Another baby would make us a family of four.

Now 2010 and life couldn’t be sweeter.
We have one cool big brother & one really good eater.

You provide for our family so that I can be Momma
And you give me a break when my uniform is pajamas.

The Seven Year Itch…will it happen? NO way!
I love you so much and will be here to stay.

Thank you for being my “Too Good To Be True!”
And for being my love, my best friend and our glue!

Happy 7th Anniversary! I LOVE YOU!


The Buchanan Family said...

Happy Anniversary!

Leslie said...

Precious!! Happy Anniversary!!

The High Family said...

Happy 7th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Poe!

We celebrate 6 wonderful years on the 21st!

ps- LOVE that poem!

annalee said...

happy anniversary to you two!
(i am totally stealing that wonderful penny poem idea for the use of copper next year, love it!)

Unknown said...

that's the most precious poem. we just celebrated our 7-year too and the only thing that itches are our "skeeter bites".