Thursday, May 06, 2010

True Statement…

firetruck, Mommy digs my kicks, building 003 …But even more than the kicks, I dig this precious little man! Despite a few ‘bossy’ moments that we’ve been working through, we have the perfect Big Brother on our hands…doing so much to help get ready for his baby brother’s arrival! He truly melts my heart! firetruck, Mommy digs my kicks, building 005

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Marissa said...

He is TOO stinkin' cute! Ok, I must have 6 pairs of Nike's for my oldest son, Jacob...where did you find that t-shirt?! It's precious and I must have one. All of our friends make so much fun of me for my obsession with tennis shoes A.K.A "kicks" but I can't help myself and I always notice Quinn's shoes in your photos...too cute!!
My email is
Please let me know and we live near Houston, so I hope we have them around here?!!