Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Three Years Old

Finally, I did Quinn’s 3 year letter/Q pics/interview! The pictures were taken the week of his birthday!…and, I tried to capture in my writing just who he is as a BIG three year old! It’s hard to do! :) Anyway… I’m warning you that it’s long, and wordy! But, I’m happy to have him documented at this sweet age! …Pretty soon I’ll be writing his last letter as an only child and will be getting ready to write Nash his very first letter from Mommy! Hard to believe! :) …
ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 013ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 042My precious THREE year old,
How did this happen? How are you three? I look at you and literally could melt into a puddle on the floor. I still don’t believe that you are mine and that God has blessed us with such a precious, loving, glass half full, compassionate, remorseful, determined, beautiful little love. Daily, you amaze us by just being YOU! …Let me let you peek into your life just a little bit…Here’s an interview that I conducted with you (as you sat next to me in your rocking chair…determined to pull it to Mommy’s computer ALL by yourself)…with Mommy’s footnotes added in!
 ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 019ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 034ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 008

Do you like to sleep?
Quinn: Yes, because I get my ‘that!’ I get a ‘that’ all the time when I sleep! I like being cozy in my bed.

You are a good sleeper! We still put you to bed too late for a kiddo your age, but it gives us more time with you. I’d say you’re usually in bed between 9:00 and 9:45 and get up around 7 in the morning. You sometimes wake up in the night. Either you’ve had a bad dream (usually about a white bear), need a drink or think that you “need something in this hand!” (a specific Cars car or train) Embarrassingly enough, you still sleep with your “that” and don’t like talking about not having it when you sleep! I don’t know when I’m going to be willing to tackle that! It doesn’t seem fun to me at all!!!

Nap time is usually around 2 and leaves you sleeping for two to three hours! Some days you don’t want to sleep at all but are content to just talk,sing and roll around in your bed for a long while. I figure that resting is better than nothing. I don’t look forward to the day that you decide napping is not necessary. But, for now, I’ll be thankful for what I get! Q's 3rd BIRTHDAY! 008

What do you love to eat/drink?
Quinn: Fruit, strawberries, oranges, nilla ice cream, water, milk

You’re an OK eater…could be better, could be worse. You eat cereal, some form of bar, yogurt, a waffle with peanut butter, cinnamon/sugar toast and/or fruit for breakfast every day! Lunch is either on the go or at home…turkey, PB sandwiches, mini pepperonis, cheese, applesauce, pretzels, pickles, yogurt, mac & cheese, etc. are what usually adorn your plate if we stay at home. Thankfully, you’ll usually try what I make for dinner but you don’t always eat it exactly the way Daddy and I do. I’ll often cook a little bit of it a little more plain for you. We’re still trying to get you to eat more veggies. You’ll eat baby carrots and edemame, but not much else. I guess no one ever died from not eating veggies.

You’re a pretty good out-to-eat eater and LOVE your fast food. You love Chick-fil-a, “Old McDonald’s, the red tacos at Taco Bell, a multitude of things at Taco Bueno, Which Which and Freebirds! We enjoy going to these places with you because we know you’ll enjoy it! …And, you often give us your request before we get there! ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 049

Tell me about your favorite toys.
Quinn: Lightning, Mater, Mack, Thomas

You play so well! Just recently you’ve needed someone to “watch you play,” but you’re typically a pretty good independent little player. You are still obsessed with Cars and Thomas…with other things occasionally thrown in. You’re enjoying trying to figure out your leapster, and love puzzles and games when I play with you! I love to be doing my thing around your house and hear you make the most perfect car and train noises as you play! You’re really into Soccer, Basketball and Golf and will often be making up a game that resembles one of these sports. Makes your Daddy proud! Q's 3rd BIRTHDAY! 012

What shows do you like to watch?
Quinn: Hero of the Rails, Beggie Tails, Chipmunks, new Franklins, Little Bill

You LOVE shows! I defiantly try to limit the number that you watch because you would sit in front of the TV all day! Cars and The Chipmunks Squakual are your FAVORITES, but you seem to always pick learning type shows if you’re watching a show in the car. (Leap Frog, Frog Street Alphabet, etc.) As far as shows on our DVR, your current faves are Franklin, Word World, Little Bill and Wonder Pets. I feel that you’re always changing the ones that you love, and I’m OK with that. Keeps me from hearing the same theme song OVER and OVER again! :) Q's 3rd BIRTHDAY! 068

Do you have any favorite songs?
Quinn: ABCD, Jesus Loves Me, Bible Verses, Letter ones

We love to hear your sing! Your “go to” songs are ABC’s and Jesus Loves Me. But, we often catch you humming songs from your shows or singing your Bible Verse songs. Our favorite, though, is when you make up songs…which is often. It’s hilarious to hear you put words to music! You do the most frequently and the LOUDEST when we’re shopping somewhere. Everyone gets to hear your rendition of “I love Mommy!” Cracks me up! Quinn's 3rd Birthday Slickpaw's Camera 004

What makes you sad/frustrated?
Quinn: when I bonk my head, if I don’t understand you, when I cry

You are a pretty glass-half-full little guy! You don’t get sad unless you’re hurt…which is usually more drama than anything else. And, thankfully, lots of love and a band-aid usually fixes it pretty quickly. You tend to get frustrated when a toy (usually a train) isn’t doing what you want it to or when a friend doesn’t quite understand your concept of “sharing!” Since you’re so verbal, you’re very opinionated and can sometimes get frustrated when you don’t get your way. I’m guessing that’s typical 3 year old behavior, but we’re working on it! ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 023

What makes you happy?
Quinn: when I do understand you, when I play lots

Everything!!!! Birds, the pretty sky, when Daddy gets home, when we do our fun letter days, when I make you a special lunch, when you’re playing, when you get a sussy, when friends come over, when you go to your class at church, your puppies, when you talk about/to Nash, and SO much more! You are such a happy guy! I am so thankful for that…leaves me little room to ever be in a bad mood! ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 063

What makes you laugh?
Quinn: something funny like a silly movie, silly cartoons, Daddy

Once again, you are SO super happy and have such a great sense of humor! Daddy is the thing that makes you laugh the most!!! And, it makes my heart swell! I love the way he can make you belly laugh in ways that I NEVER could! I also love to hear you laugh at your shows. It’s so precious and contagious! ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 045ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 047

Who do you love to be with?
Quinn: Mommy…just Mommy, and just a little bit with all of my friends…Jackson, and Cruser, and Ellie

Your answer wasn’t really complete, but it made me smile! :) … You love being with Mommy & Daddy the most! You yell and run to Daddy when he gets home from work…and, if I haven’t seen you in 20 minutes, you’d think it had been DAYS! You enjoy spending time with your friends and get so excited to see them! You truly love spending time with your grandparents, too! I’d say that you just love being at home…so, if the people you love are there, you’re happy! Quinn's 3rd Birthday Slickpaw's Camera 012

Where do you love to go?
Quinn: the quariam that has animals, to see Mammer & Slickpaw, to see my Daddy at work, to church, Which Wich

Like I said, you love being at home! I guess sense we’re on the go so much, you love the time that you get to stay in your jammies and play with all of your toys! But, you do enjoy being out and about too! Even though you are not a fan of the basket anymore, you’re a pretty good shopper…even better if I have a sucker to let you enjoy while I browse! :) ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 018

What do you love to do?
Quinn: PLAY!, drive everything, get popsiclesALMOST THREE 3.23.10 020Is it better to be two or three?
Quinn: THREE, because I’m a BIG BOY!  

I don’t know which age I love more! Three does happen to seem a little more challenging that two, but I love that you’re truly my little buddy! I have normal conversations with you all day and NEVER have a dull moment when you’re around! You CONSTANTLY talk to me…CONSTANTLY!!! Asking questions…telling stories…telling me you love me 1,000 times a day…talking about what we’re doing…and more! Even though it can be exhausting at times, I’m so very thankful for it! The way you love…and express your love…is rare…and I know it won’t last forever! So, I make sure that I cherish it! ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 059You have some bad habits…
*Using your ‘that’ at night and nap!
*You have the tendency to be bossy at times. We’re working on asking for something instead of telling us what you think you need.
*You immediately ask Mammer & Slickpaw for your sussy when they come into town! DRIVES ME NUTS! (But, honestly, it’s their fault!)
*By telling us “in just a minute” instead of doing what we ask right away.
and *by making a HUGE mess with your toys!!!Q's 3rd BIRTHDAY! 006But, your good habits sure outshine them…
*You are so very polite…please and thank you are almost always used!
*You are compassionate…to babies, people, animals, your toys! You just have such a sweet heart!
*You always potty on the big boy potty! I don’t even remember the last time you had an accident! I’m SO thankful that you’re so good at this!!!
*You love and always want to help…help me cook, clean and more! You’re going to be so good with your baby brother! ALMOST THREE 3.23.10 058Oh, how I love you! I can’t imagine how you could get better! I recently looked at you and told you that I wanted you to stop growing and stay this big forever. You looked at me like I was crazy…but smiled at the same time! You are precious and full of so much innocence and life. It’s so humbling and rewarding to be your Mommy and I am daily thankful that God gave me such an amazing privilege! I love you, my sweet first born, and can’t wait to see how you change and grow and become even more precious in the next year! All I ask is that you never loose your love for life, your love for us, and you precious positive attitude! Thank you for being my sweet love!
I love you,
Your MommyQ's 3rd BIRTHDAY! 019

P.S. If you don’t have this Birthday Book for your kids, GET IT TODAY! We got it before Quinn turned one and have filled it out every birthday! :) It has party info, places for pictures, little keepsakes, and an interview each year! I love it so much!!! But, don’t worry if you’re starting late…it’s SO precious and goes through their 18th birthday! You can easily fill in the blanks of the birthdays you missed! …I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!


Laurie said...

I love the idea of a Q & A session. I might have to steal that when my little man turns 3!

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Love Q's answers! Such a cute & sweet 3 year year old big boy!

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So cute! I still haven't done Evan's because I am waiting on his 3 year pics but I love the interview idea- I just might have to borrow it!

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Such a sweet boy you have! I love the Q and A idea!

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What an adorable interview!! ;) And I just ordered the Birthday Book-Keepsake Journal that you recommended.....THANKS so much, it looks awesome!