Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stewarding the Gift

With a heavy and believing heart, our pastor preached the most precious message about dreams and motherhood at church on Mother’s Day. His grandson, Smith, was struggling for his precious little life and the faith and love that Pastor Randy expressed was indescribable.

And, even though I have no idea how difficult it is to go through what Jon & Kori are going through with the loss of their first born son, I do know that I am more thankful today than I was yesterday for the privilege I have to be a Mommy. I squeezed all of my boys a little tighter this weekend and thanked God for blessing me with Matt, Quinn and sweet Nash.

Randy said, “We are earthly parents that are given the privilege of stewarding the gift that God gave to us!” Thank you, Jesus, for that amazing privilege!
Mother’s Day was special! I woke up to a husband that wished me a Happy Mother's Day, followed quickly by a little boy climbing up in bed with me to wish me the same. Then, they were off to run an errand! …While Mammer, Slickpaw and I waited on their return, we enjoyed coffee and a leisurely morning.

Soon, they got back with DONUTS! My favorite. Matt said that Quinn automatically picked the pink one for me… “since pink is Mommy’s favorite color!” With the donuts some cards and beautiful flowers! 
May 2010 014 May 2010 020 May 2010 021 May 2010 022After church and a fun hibachi lunch, we came home to finish presents. Mammer got to open all of hers and I got the most precious gift EVER from my boys. Matt had helped Quinn paint me a precious “I love Mommy” picture and framed it in a darling frame! It will be cherished for ALWAYS! Gifts like that are my favorite. I also got a priceless maternity photo shoot the day before (pictures coming soon!) and a darling “Mommy” hat for Nash to wear in the hospital!!! I love it so! May 2010 024May 2010 028Then, ALL afternoon, mom and I “piddled” around picking out my Mother’s Day gifts from Mammer & Slickpaw. I wanted jammies and dresses to wear in the hospital and fabric for my fun hospital gown that I’m having made! We went TONS of places and found GREAT things! I’m so excited to get to wear them all very soon!

After a Bueno dinner, we stocked up on candy, put Quinn to bed and had TOO much fun playing poker…with candy as our money! And, in spite of her poker ignorance, Mammer DOMINATED the game. She even had to give me a loan…TWICE!   May 2010 031 May 2010 032 May 2010 033 May 2010 034

I love Mother’s Day…it’s fun to have another day that feels “different” and it’s always fun to find the perfect gifts for my Mom and Mom-in-law. And, of course, I love being reminded of how blessed I am to be a Mommy to Quinn Davis Poe!

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