Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Little Foodie

foodie (fd) n. slang
a person having an enthusiastic interest in the consumption of good food

Ok, so maybe “foodie” is a little extreme, but I have always been impressed by how my little man will try anything. That doesn’t mean he’ll like it, or even keep it in his mouth, but he’ll try! Lately, I’ve been surprised at some of the things that he’s actually loved!!! He cracks us up as he gives us his critique of the new food…”mmmmm…this is delicious!”…is our favorite!

First up…Edamame!
He LOVES it! Dips it in salt, sucks out the beans, and goes back for more!!! Goal, Cruse and MORE 003After he’d only had it one time, he saw this picture on TV and said, “Look MOMMY!!! It’s edamame on TV!!!!” How in the WORLD did he remember what it was call AND say it correctly! I about FELL OVER! EdamameNext…Sauerkraut!
I know that Matt and I are in the minority for LOVING this stuff, but we can’t get enough on our hot dogs! Recently, Quinn wanted to try it, and wanted more and more and more!
Goal, Cruse and MORE 011 Goal, Cruse and MORE 010
And, even though pretzels and peanut butter wouldn’t make him as much of a “foodie” as the other two choices, what he did with it was too cute to be missed. As he was eating lunch, he said, “Look, Mommy…I look like Mater!”
Goal, Cruse and MORE 001I cracked up and quickly grabbed the camera to capture his “Mater buck teeth!” Veggies may not be at the top of his list, but I’m so very thankful for my good little eater! 

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