Sunday, April 18, 2010

“The best time to make friends is before you need them.” ~Ethel Barrymore

These two!!!!…They couldn’t be more different, yet they have the sweetest little relationship! I love watching them interact and Quinn speaks so fondly of his “Cruser!” He’ll say, “he’s my best buddy, buddy, buddy!” I love that they have each other…and hope that they always will! …

Lately, they’ve had some extra fun times together! Cruse took Q to get donuts for his birthday…
Q's 3rd BIRTHDAY! 269Q's 3rd BIRTHDAY! 272And, then, we got to keep Cruse for a WHOLE day while his Mommy went on a field trip with Cruse’s big bro! We planned a super fun day…and, these two guys had the BEST time!!! Hopefully they’ll get to do it again soon!!!
Goal, Cruse and MORE 037 The morning started with breakfast and lots of playing with trains in Q’s playroom…Goal, Cruse and MORE 039 Then, it was time for some “water painting!” It was the most fun little activity that took up LOTS of time and made NO mess! Brilliant…Goal, Cruse and MORE 040 After a while, we put our shoes on and headed outside for a little treasure hunt. They took their treasure tubes as we walked to the park…and they picked up the most fun rocks, flowers, sticks and acorns! They were so proud of their findings!!!Goal, Cruse and MORE 041 Goal, Cruse and MORE 043 Goal, Cruse and MORE 045Goal, Cruse and MORE 044After lunch, it was time for some M&M sorting! They were so excited to sort…and then eat, of course!!!…Goal, Cruse and MORE 049Goal, Cruse and MORE 048After more playroom playing, I had them help me make the MOST fun ‘Goop!” It’s just corn starch, water and a little bit of food coloring. It felt SOOO weird and these little buddies LOVED making the biggest mess! Thankfully, they were easy to clean up!!!  Goal, Cruse and MORE 052 Goal, Cruse and MORE 054 Goal, Cruse and MORE 056 Goal, Cruse and MORE 057 Goal, Cruse and MORE 060 The day ended with some backyard bubble fun and some relaxing time watching a few shows. What a sweet day…what a sweet friendship!

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