Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Since the weather switched to beautiful, we have had WAY too much fun spending family time outside! It seems crazy to stay in…especially in the evenings! And, Daddy always makes outside time LOTS more fun than this Mommy ever could! All I know is that I love watching my two guys play and have a blast being the best of buddies! What a blessing they have in each other and what a privilege I have to stand back and watch!!!

After a picnic dinner, here they are scootering at our neighborhood school! It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Quinn was so proud of how fast he would go…and Matt was so proud when he taught him to put both feet on the scooter after he got going! We have priceless video of the event as well!!!…Easter and More 2010 003 Easter and More 2010 007 Easter and More 2010 008 Easter and More 2010 010 Easter and More 2010 012 Easter and More 2010 013 Easter and More 2010 014

Another recent evening was full of soccer playing in the backyard! Matt would play goalie, Quinn would try to score, and when he was successful, there was a victory lap around the yard…while yelling “Goalie, Goalie, Goalie, Goalie, GOOOOOAAAALLLL!”… with arms in the air! Then, Matt would pick Quinn up and spin him around! The fun they were having can’t be described!!! Listening to it was precious!!! And, since that evening, soccer is what Quinn wants to play with his Daddy! I rarely hear any opposition! ;) Goal, Cruse and MORE 014 Goal, Cruse and MORE 015 Goal, Cruse and MORE 021Goal, Cruse and MORE 022Goal, Cruse and MORE 016 Goal, Cruse and MORE 018And, P.S. …when you throw a bubble gun and the other guy of the house {Crazy Krozby} in the mix, things get even more crazy!!! Watching Quinn laugh hysterically at his puppy while he attacked the bubbles was TOO cute!…Goal, Cruse and MORE 025 Goal, Cruse and MORE 026Goal, Cruse and MORE 028 Goal, Cruse and MORE 029 Goal, Cruse and MORE 033

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The Johnstons said...

So much fun and absolutely adorable! Funny, one of Parker's favorite backyard activities is blowing bubbles and watching our little dog jump in the air and catch them, too. The hysterical laugh and pure joy is the best!!!