Monday, April 19, 2010

A Tale of a Careless Mommy

Last Sunday, while hurriedly getting Quinn and I ready for church, I did what I always do. We ate breakfast, piddled around and played a bit and then took our bath/shower! After that, I got Quinn ready first and then let him play while I got ready. I plugged in the iron…in my usual spot on the floor {insert careless Mommy}…and blow dried my hair. Then, I ironed my clothes, unplugged the iron and put on my makeup as I hear Quinn playing all around the house!

After that, I was in the bathroom straightening my hair when Quinn runs to me in a panic…he says, “Mommy, I touched it!”…as he’s holding out his little hand! I don’t see anything, but my heart automatically drops! When I asked him what he touched, he told me that he had touched the iron! He’s immediately terrified that he’s going to get “a correction” and I quickly informed him that he was NOT in trouble…but that Mommy was SO sorry that she left it on the floor!

It was in my pampering and running cold water over his fingers that he starts to cry and talk about how badly his fingers hurt. I’m devastated and he can’t seem to calm down! I held him, holding his Thomas ice pack on his fingers, as he cried for close to 20 minutes! In that time, I could see where each of his four fingers had a little burn! :(

Thankfully, it wasn’t bad, and some “Stoy Story” band-aids with Neosporin seemed to do the trick! But, my heart broke that my little guy was hurting! …and that it was my fault!!!

SO…LESSON LEARNED: NO MORE IRONING ON THE FLOOR! I’ve always known it’s bad, but it’s SO much easier than pulling out the big ironing board! And, even though he knew better and had never done it before, I knew it wasn’t right for me to have it so accessible to him. This careless Mommy will make many other mistakes, I’m sure…but THIS one will NEVER happen again! Goal, Cruse and MORE 012Goal, Cruse and MORE 013


annalee said...

what sweet hands! you are anything but a careless mom! accidents just happen sometimes. so glad he's okay.

Laura said...

I am so sorry Quinn burnt his fingers!
I laughed when I first read b/c I always do this. Um, I was out of town in Dallas once and called the FIRE DEPT in Round Rock because I was convinced I had left the iron on. I was pregnant and could not sleep thinking about it. I am not much of an "ironer" though :).