Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quinn + Santa = BFF


Dear Santa,

I just THOUGHT I loved you last year! This year, I decided that you’re the coolest guy in the world! Seriously, you might just be my new BFF! I’ve been SUPER excited to see you this year…we see your picture on the billboard, Mommy & Daddy have talked about you for weeks, and the stories we read about you make you the nicest guy EVER. Yesterday, when I saw you, I squealed…and smiled…and was very impatient as I had to wait my turn. But, when I finally got to you, I ran into your arms, let you pick me up and put me in your lap and told you my name. Then, crazy me…told you that I wanted a teddy bear for Christmas. Sorry! I was distracted by the toy pictures next to your big chair. Thankfully, Mommy and Daddy helped me remember that I’ve been talking about a Christmas Lightening McQueen, a Christmas Doc and a race track for weeks!!! So, I’m glad you got my real wish list!!! …Then, you tickled me with your beard!!! And, OH MY GOODNESS, did that make me laugh!!! You did it over and over and were in NO hurry to see the other boys and girls in the line! Does that mean I’m at the top of the nice list!? I hope so! …Then, to top off my visit, you gave me a coloring book. I LOVE IT! After we left you, and Mommy and Daddy asked me what I told you I wanted for Christmas, I kept telling them that this book was enough!! They thought that was sweet for some reason!!! …. Anyway, I had fun with you! I talked about it all day, and can’t wait until you come to my house when I’m sleeping on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas, Santa!


 Santa and Playgroup 09 005 Santa and Playgroup 09 007And, in Mommy’s words!!!….

Quinn with Santa this year might have been the SWEETEST.THING.EVER! He was precious! So excited! NO FEAR! Loved every moment of it and didn’t want it to end. It kind of made me sad that we couldn’t stay longer! When it was over, he couldn't stop talking about it. How fun it was. How he got to see Santa today! And, the sweetest was when I caught him looking out the car window and asked him what he was thinkin’ about…and, he said, “I’m just thinking about Santa and how I saw him today!” Sweet love. And, the fact that he kept telling us that he didn’t need anything else for Christmas because Santa gave him that book. Mercy. I love him! The sparkle in his beautiful little eyes is truly priceless. I absolutely love living Christmas through the eyes of my little man.  It really is magical. Santa and Playgroup 09 009 Santa and Playgroup 09 015 Santa and Playgroup 09 016 Santa and Playgroup 09 017 Santa and Playgroup 09 022 Santa and Playgroup 09 024

And, just for fun…..a little flashback…



Erin said...

OMG!!!! That smile is PRICELESS! Too. cute. I wish Brady felt the same way, but he prefers Santa to be at a distance at this point...

Mary said...

Such sweet pictures! I'm glad he liked Santa and had such a fun day :)