Monday, December 07, 2009

Dear First Trimester….

Dear First Trimester,
I don’t like you very much. Granted, I am so thankful that because of you I am growing a sweet little one in my belly!!! …But, other than that, I think you’re pretty mean. You make me feel yucky MOST of the time, and the tiredness you give me is totally unexplainable. Even though you spare me from the worst part of “morning sickness,” you’re still NO FUN! …

You do have a sense of humor though! This time around you have decided to give me a poochy little belly REALLY early!? Seriously, the baby is the size of a green olive, but my tummy seems quite a bit larger than that! Is that really necessary!?

And, the food that you have me crave is quite funny too…Pickles {cliché, I know!} have been at the TOP of my list, followed by LOTS of water, fresh veggies (especially when they’re on a turkey sandwich from Subway) and milk! My mouth is watering just thinking of it all! pickles2 17-water_bottle fresh-vegetables milk_325

All in all, I know you treat others LOTS worse than you treat me, but if you could hurry up and move on your merry way, that would be FINE with me! I mean, look what you’re doing to me!!!!!…

Cruse's 3rd and Progressiver Dinner 061When I saw this “death warmed over” picture of myself that Matt took of me watching Polar Express with Quinn yesterday, I knew it was time to confess that I DO NOT LIKE YOU!!! Sorry, but it’s true!

So, for now, I’ll continue to use my remedies….

lemonheads 1186555138-86935_full Ginger_Candy[1]  wrigleys_orbit_white_bubblemint_bigepak

…take naps everyday, have NO motivation…and count down until you’re gone!



Sharee Forman said...

Love the honesty!!! With you on that, hate u first and half of second trimester! :) Hope it leaves u feeling better soon!

campers said...

i hate that you are feeling yucky!!! But I love this post!

The Rowe Crew said...

I can SO relate!! My 2nd pregnancy was WAY worse than the 1st during the first trimester...more sick, more tired and more "poochy" ;). But you're right...what a glorious reason to have to endure that stuff!! And it will all be over so soon. Just said a little prayer for you and that sweet baby!

Nominate someone or something in need said...

a little bit of the midst of it, it seems like forever but it does move on:) i CANNOT even believe we will be having ours VERY soon...this pregnancy has FLOWN by...yours will too:))) will be praying for you!!!

Laura said...

I SO think you're having a girl!!Sorry you're not feeling will be over soon. Can't wait to find out what you're having because I totally think I know :-)

Laura said...

Lol! Girl, I know. Morning sickness is the worst thing about being pregnant! Mine lasted much longer this time. And belly, yup. I already look likeI should deliver! Ha, but seriously, no fun. You will be the second trimester before you know it! I think having a little one to take care of helps everything go by much more quickly. Hang in there, you get another baby (girl?)!

Calista said...

Congrats on having another one on the way. Looks like we're just a week apart. I'm with you on all the bad stuff that goes along with being pregnant. It's all I can do to just get through the day. Hang it there we can't stay pregnant forever.

Mary said...

Oh how I sympathize. I really do.

There's nothing harder (well, that I've faced,) than feeling like you're seasick/carsick/have the flu and are expected to meet the ever-growing needs of a toddler. Don't you wish you could just help him understand how yucky you feel? But he doesn't. And he can't. And that makes it so hard during this time. I don't know how many times I wished for a 14 year-old daughter during pregnancy. You know, to help entertain my other kid/kids!

The "yahoo" part of this whole process is that you can look at him every single day while feeling horrible and know that there's another little person in there cooking that you will love just as much as you love him.

And then you can make it through to the other side!

Rains Family said...

Oh dear! Must be a sassy little girl! Sick with both my girls! I have to say that I cracked up laughing out loud when I read the post and then saw the picture of you! Of course you are still adorable but it's not like you to not be smiling and all cheerful. That sick feeling is awful. Hope it gets better soon. It must be so hard with a toddler!! I was lucky enough to have an 8 1/2 year old that could do so much by herself when I was feeling yucky and then on bed rest for 4 months. Thinking of you!

Barbara said...

Well, I can't remember all those bad things, but hope they go on their way soon. The end of the road is a great thought ...a new addition to the family, nothing sweeter than a baby.
I have goats, but they are my babies now.

Hope you feel better soon.