Monday, November 02, 2009

"I want THAT one for Chrithmath!” –Quinn

It all started last Wednesday when we went to the pumpkin patch. After our outing, we headed to lunch with Mock-a-Moly and Titus…and Quinn fell in LOVE! He thought that Titus was TOO cute, and after admiring him for some time, I asked Q if he wanted a baby at his house. That’s when Quinn responded with, “I want that one!…I want that one for Chrithmath,” while pointing at Titus! We cracked up…but, I have to admit…I’d take him home RIGHT NOW! Those chubby little cheeks, that squishy little belly, and all of those snuggles! He is PRECIOUS in every way and I loved seeing Molly totally in her element! She was meant to be a mommy…no doubt! And, I was so thankful to get to spend some quality time with both of them!!!…

Pumpkin Patch 09 116

Pumpkin Patch 09 118  Pumpkin Patch 09 117

Then, on Thursday, we headed down the road to have our monthly playdate with Sharee and Tristan. We were so excited to see the big ONE year old! And, while we were all dining on our yummy Bueno (Tristan even loved it!), Quinn said, out of the blue, “I want a baby sister!” Then, he pointed at Tristan and said, “I want that one!” We had to explain that Tristan is a boy, so that would be a brother…but, regardless, he was once again requesting one of my friend’s babies for Christmas. I have to give him some credit…it seems a lot easier than getting our own baby…we know they’re cute…and it would be a lot more immediate! :) …And, Quinn had so much fun playing with Tristan’s toys…but Quinn had to announce that the toys weren’t baby toys numerous times! ha! :) Halloween 2009 002

Halloween 2009 003  Then, on Friday, we FINALLY got to love on this little man!!!…Halloween 2009 016 Halloween 2009 015

Our sweet nephew, Michael, came to visit us for Halloween!!! We were ecstatic to love on him…since it has been since his birthday that we had gotten to!!! Quinn immediately took to him…it’s like he knew he was family and something EXTRA special! He would kiss him, hug him, ask to hold him and share his toys! Michael would smile at Quinn and Quinn would smile at Michael! It didn’t take long for Quinn to request that this baby become his as well! And, who could blame him!? He was the easiest little guy…so happy, so sweet, so snuggly! I loved the time that I got to spend loving on my one and only nephew! Here are a few sweet moments…and, the precious Halloween pictures will be coming soon!…Halloween 2009 028Halloween 2009 017 Halloween 2009 022 Halloween 2009 025 Halloween 2009 011

We are so thankful that Aunt Boogie, Uncle Derin and Baby Michael took the time out of their busy schedules to come to see us! We had so much fun just being lazy with them and getting to know our sweet nephew! Thanksgiving couldn’t come soon enough so that we can do it all over again!!!

So, over all, I guess the consensus is that Q wants a baby for “Chrithmath!” But, not just any baby…one that is already perfect and precious! I’ll let Santa break the bad news to him! :)


Becky said...

I thought FOR SURE this was your sneaky way of telling us you were pregnant.... ;)

Sharee Forman said...

That's so funny!!! I think he should get one for Chrithmuth too! :) Thanks for coming to play, T loved playing with the big boy!