Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Fall & Brady Quinn 049 A few weeks before Halloween, we got Q all suited up to take pictures with Mammer & Slickpaw in his cool Brady Quinn uniform! Since Slickpaw is hugely responsible for the coolness of this outfit, and since they weren’t going to be able to come for Halloween, we knew that Quinn had to show off his stuff for him! :) And, we needed pictures for Quinn’s football trading cards that he’d be giving to his friends!!!…Fall & Brady Quinn 057 Fall & Brady Quinn 045 Fall & Brady Quinn 046 Slickpaw's Brady Quinn 039

Then, after a little reminiscing, it was time to celebrate Halloween with our BIG 2 1/2 year old!!!…

Halloween 036HalloweenCantonUT19months 003 Halloween 2009 062

We headed to the front yard for our annual “Smelly feet pumpkin” picture…and even got to include Baby Michael in on the fun!!!…Halloween 2009 063Halloween 2009 070 Halloween 2009 073Halloween 2009 075Halloween 2009 077Halloween 2009 080

Then, we headed to the church for the “Trunk or Treat!” Quinn and Daddy figured out a game plan (I guess!? I’m not really sure what Matt is telling him), and then it was time for the fun…Halloween 2009 083 Quinn handed out his trading cards to all of his buddies…Halloween 2009 084 Halloween 2009 085…and had a blast playing, sliding, running, and getting INSANE amounts of candy!!!… {I guess that’s what you get for being a minister’s kid! :)} Halloween 2009 089 Halloween 2009 090 Halloween 2009 092 Halloween 2009 095 Halloween 2009 101Halloween 2009 097

Matt and I decided to participate a little this year as “Quinn’s Biggest Fans!” Even though it wasn’t an extravagant costume, it’s so much fun to dress up!!!Halloween 2009 100Halloween 2009 102 Halloween 2009 104 Halloween 2009 106 Halloween 2009 114 Halloween 2009 118 Halloween 2009 120 Can you find Quinn?...Halloween 2009 121 Halloween 2009 126

I loved that you could still see his monkey “wear wear” through his football pants and that my tough football player wasn’t too tough to pick mommy a flower! :) … Halloween 2009 127 Halloween 2009 128 After we could Trunk or Treat no more, we headed home to turn on our porch light! Every 20 seconds, the doorbell would ring, and Quinn and I would RUN to the door to hand out candy to our visitors! It was so much fun (most of the time) to see what costumes everyone had on! And, it didn’t take long for us to run out of candy and call it a night! Halloween 2009 132 Halloween 2009 133It was such a FUN Halloween! I feel like Quinn ‘got it’ a little more this year! He loved dressing up and had a great time just being a kid! I can’t wait to see what he chooses to be next year!!! I just hope I can dress up with him again! :)

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

i love that y'all thought to be his fans, too precious! his costumes are always super fabulous! I'll never forget last year's... the rapper was crazy clever.

p.s. thanks for the cute comment ... the "what happened?" makes me crack UP every time! :)