Saturday, October 31, 2009

“Boo”tiful Sonora is THREE!!!

Halloween 2009 039On Halloween morning, Q and I got dressed in our festive wear (I had on my annual Halloween orange jacket and my black and orange striped tights!), and headed to celebrate Sonora’s 3rd Birthday at Build-a-Bear. Halloween 2009 032Halloween 2009 044Q had never been to a Build-a-Bear party and he had such a great time! He got to act crazy with his best buddy, pick out a bear (that he decided to name “Palie!”), kiss a heart for Sonora to put in her bear, kiss a heart to put in his own bear, stuff his bear, give his bear a bath, dress him, sing songs with him and then hug him to pieces! Then, he got to head upstairs for cake and a carousel ride! A pretty cool day, right? We loved celebrating THREE with Sonora!!! Halloween 2009 041  Halloween 2009 045 Halloween 2009 048 Halloween 2009 049 Halloween 2009 052Halloween 2009 053Halloween 2009 057

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