Thursday, September 10, 2009

Open House: Our Dining Room

Open House “Too many people just eat to consume calories.
Try dining for a change.”
-John Walters

Oh, sadly, probably the least used room in the house….But, it was the first thing we painted when we moved into our brand spankin’ new home, and it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door! I love it for lots of reasons…it’s the place where a good number of fun dinners have been held, including Thanksgiving when I was pregnant with Quinn, Christmas Day brunches while wearing silly paper hats from our ‘crackers’, and a fabulous girly wine tasting! It’s the table that has been decorated for numerous of parties…including dear friend’s baby showers, a 30th birthday party, a 1st birthday party, and our very own housewarming party! And, it’s the room where my little boy plays when his playroom just can’t seem to contain his fun! (since it’s right across the hall) I love the red…especially at Christmastime…but, I think I’m ready to change it someday soon! We’ll see! But, for now, here’s our sweet little dining room…come on in and dine with us…

This room is a bit of a hodge podge of items/furniture…Basketball, dining room 017

The rug that you see is the funniest part of the room. I got it out of our alley! Gross, right? Our down the alley neighbors were THROWING IT AWAY! I drove past it and couldn't believe my eyes. Then, I took Q in the house to Matt, and walked back down the alley to check it out! And, it was SO pretty! So, I carried/drug it down the alley and laid it out in our garage. It was perfect! I smelled it, inspected it, vacuumed it, cleaned it, and gave it a new home! I’d say the rug was happy that I found it! Our pretty wood floors are a much better home than the dump! :)

Here, you’ll see Quinn’s changing table! Yep, that’s a changing table! It is SO heavy and we HATED to take it to the attic, so my mom had the brilliant idea to use it in the dining room! I think it works…and it saved Matt a back-breaking trip to the attic! :) …

 Basketball, dining room 018 Basketball, dining room 019 \

My mom got us the big frames when we first moved in. Then she and I found some fun red velvet fabric and filled the frames. We also covered the dining chairs in the same fabric! Fun, right!? …

Basketball, dining room 020 Basketball, dining room 023

This table was my grandparent’s dining room table when my mom was a little girl! I think it’s so pretty and has worked perfectly. It has a leaf that makes it larger and the sides go up and down. I have them down now (just to give the room a different look), but I usually have them up so that the table can seat six people.

Basketball, dining room 021 The dresser by the door used to be in our study before it was turned into a playroom. It holds Christmas dishes, extra serving pieces and stationary! I’m thankful for the extra storage. Basketball, dining room 022  So, that’s it. We’d love to have your over for dinner…but, let’s be honest, we probably wouldn’t sit in here! :)

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