Wednesday, September 09, 2009

“Bring Your Daddy to Soccer Class” Day

Soccer Tots and Circle Muffin Tin 010

Thankfully, we still had soccer class on Labor Day …So all of the daddies (and one Mammer & Slickpaw) got to come and watch the boys in action. Since Quinn had an audience, he was DECKED out in his soccer finest. He got some REAL soccer shoes and socks, and he wore his cool FC Dallas jersey! It was too precious!

I loved being able to just sit back and watch Quinn with his Daddy. (and, I loved NOT getting all sweaty!) Coach T had some new “drills” for the little guys and a few of the ones from last week to try again! Needless to say, Quinn had a great time with his “teammates” and his favorite buddy…his Daddy!

Soccer Tots and Circle Muffin Tin 011Soccer Tots and Circle Muffin Tin 013 Soccer Tots and Circle Muffin Tin 012Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 015 This is my favorite…I love how Quinn is holding on to his Daddy’s arm!…Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 021 Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 025 Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 032Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 041 Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 042 Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 045 Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 048 Showing off all of the cool stamps from Coach T…Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 062Soccer Tots and Circle Muffin Tin 014Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 064 Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 066 Slickpaw's Soccer Tots pics 067Soccer Tots and Circle Muffin Tin 015

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

we went today for our first class, and how precious! jagger cried for the first 10 minutes b/c since we just started a new year at MDO, I think he thought I was leaving him once again (sad!) ... but once he warmed up, he LOVED it! these pictures are great!