Monday, September 07, 2009

Muffin Tin Munchies: Circles!

Quinn's MTMToday, after a  Labor Day full of fun with grandparents and our 2nd Soccer Tots (more on that later), I decided to serve Quinn his first “Muffin Tin Munchies!” Since he napped until after 6 {!!!!}, I took the opportunity to get his meal together. Our first theme was CIRCLES…mainly because it was an easy start…but, I also know that Quinn could use a little shape review! And, it was FUN! When Quinn woke up from his nap and saw his special meal, he was super excited…and loved pointing out all of the circles that he found!

Soccer Tots and Circle Muffin Tin 019Clockwise, here’s what we used!…{No one said that “Muffin Tin Munchies” had to be the most nutritious meal, did they!?!?}

1. Tostada shell with cheese and mini m&m’s eyes and mouth…and cotton candy hair! … And, a soccer ball whistle! :)

2. Yogurt drink and applesauce.

3. Veggie hot dog and mini nutter butter.

4. Cheerios

5. Waffle bowl with bananas and grapes

6. PB sandwich with m&m numbers and granola bar hands.

…Play BIG money all around!

Soccer Tots and Circle Muffin Tin 020 Soccer Tots and Circle Muffin Tin 021 And….WHO KNEW it would be SO hard to find a 6-spot muffin tin! I went EVERYWHERE! When I found this one that had large spaces, i thought I’d use it to “make do” until I found the normal sized one.  But, after preparing the meal, I must admit that I REALLY liked the bigger spaces…more room to be creative!!!

***I think we’ll do squares and/or triangles next!!! Maybe even this week!!! :)***


Be Brave, Keep Going said...

Hi Britanny! I absolutely positively LOVE your muffin tin meal! It's so clever and cute! I so wish you would join in on Muffin Tin Mondays every week over at my blog. I know you mentioned previously that Mondays don't work for you, but I leave it open to accept links all week no matter if they correspond to the theme or not!

Kimberly said...

i love it!!! i didn't even realize it was monday to work on this activity. i think creighton's link will be a bit more hit and miss to post on the blog! do love the circle idea! i am open for an a-town visit- let me know if you go.

Erin said...

Too cute! A great start to a fun tradition!

Donnell Days said...

I love this idea...I'm definitely going to have to try this with Hudson. I love the shapes and I think colors would be fun too!!