Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Open House: Our Guest Room

Open House "Mighty proud I am that I am able to have a spare bed for my friends." ~Samuel Pepys

This room is definitely the one that stays the cleanest in the house. But, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t an often occupied room! We have had LOTS of guests stay in this sweet little room! (I guess they’re just good about picking it up when they leave!) … In the 4 years and 4 months that we have lived here, we have had youth kids, friends, family, and parents turned grandparents frequent the space. I laugh when I say that the sheets on the guest bed have probably been washed and cleaned more than the ones on our bed! :)

This room also served as a great place for me to rest with my baby when he wasn’t quite able to sleep through the night. I remember getting him from his crib, and after failed attempts at putting him back down, cuddling with him under the covers of the guest bed. Even though I longed for being in my own bed at the time, I look back with fondness as I think about snuggling with him for hours on end.

So, come on in…it’s Vacant…for now! … Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 010

Isn’t it sweet!? It’s one of the only rooms in the house that we never painted and I love how clean it feels. Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 018And, there are so many reasons why this room is special and extra sentimental. The first reason is the furniture. The bed, dresser and chest belonged to my Gackey and Papaw. It was their very first bedroom suit when they got married and they bought it at JCPenny’s for around $30.00. When I graduated from Baylor, mom and I painted it so that I could enjoy it as a working woman! Little did I know, I’d only be enjoying it as my bed for about a year! :) But, now I think it makes the perfect guest bedroom furniture. Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 008 Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 011 Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 012This picture on the dresser is of my mom when she was about 3 years old. If you look closely you can tell that she is looking in the mirror of the same dresser! …  Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 013 Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 014 There is a lot of fun stuff in this picture. The girl vase on top belonged to my Mom. She got it when she got her tonsils out as a  little girl. It holds a few feathers that were used in the flower arrangements at our wedding. The gloves belonged to my great aunt…along with the vintage hat that you can see hanging on the wall in the pictures above. … Inside the glass case, there is a collection of some of my Swarovski crystals from when I was a little girl, my grandmother’s fabulous sunglasses, and the crystal bracelet that I wore in our wedding! Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 015 Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 016The pictures above the chest were in my mom’s room as a little girl! They are in their original frames…I didn’t think anything about them needed to be changed… I think they’re so sweet!…Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 017Here’s the inside of the closet…full of formals, bridesmaid dresses, scrapbooks, wrapping paper and more! It’s a good catch all, for now! One day, all of this will have to be moved out to make room for another baby! :) … Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 020Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 022So, if you’d like to come and stay in our sweet little guest room, let me know an we’ll turn the sign!…But…Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 019…beware…because you may have to share the room with Quinn’s horse, Gus! He often lives in there too! But, don’t worry! He doesn’t bite an rarely makes any noise! :) Guest Room, Lil Cowboy 021


Diana said...

I have part of that set in our antique room! It was given to me as a gift too. I have the vanity! It looks great painted! I think I will have to do that!

Jaime said...

I love it...I really like the mirrored shelf with the gloves and trinkets in it. you are so stylish, even in your house!!

hillary said...

I found your blog through fabulous k creative & I've been browsing through some of your posts & you have great pictures. I'm wondering what kind of camera you have. Or maybe it's just mad skills? :) jhdivis (at) gmail