Saturday, July 11, 2009

2nd Annual Slickpaw & Mammer Camp

After the success of last year’s Slickpaw & Grammer Camp, we knew that this year would be no different. (except for the fact that the name changed a little bit!) So, while Daddy was at camp, we loaded up the car and drove the 3 1/2 hour drive to Abilene. …When we arrived, Quinn had a blast…and I relaxed, read and napped much more than normal!… Abilene during camp 002 Abilene during camp 004

He dined on HUGE strawberries…and we didn’t even eat them cut up in pieces…he thought that was pretty cool…

Abilene during camp 007 Abilene during camp 010

He sported his cool new hat and splashed…Abilene during camp 017

…and splashed some more! …Mammer is such a good Mammer! She even got in the pool with ALL of her clothes on….and let Q splash her as much as he wanted! (The 107 degree temperatures made that splashing not so bad!) Abilene during camp 022

…He tried new things! And even surprised us with his like of the “juh-licios” corn! He licked it more than he bit it, but at least we’re making baby steps!!!… Abilene during camp 032 Abilene during camp 034 Abilene during camp 036 Abilene during camp 037 Abilene during camp 044

Abilene during camp 045

…He painted two masterpieces!…one for Mammer & Slickpaw and one for us! Abilene during camp 051 Abilene during camp 057

…he was so meticulous and did such a beautiful job! We couldn't’ believe how long he sat and covered all of the white! He loved it!…Abilene during camp 059

…he fished…and used his imagination to turn the fish into floaties! “Look at me in my floaties!” he would say! We laughed for a long time at his creativity! ….Abilene during camp 062 Abilene during camp 072

Abilene during camp 066 Abilene during camp 069

On Thursday, we met Thompson and Caden at the Grace Children’s Museum! It was so cute and we’ll be making many trips back to the museum in years to come! The boys had a blast…and it was so great to hang with my old, dear friend too! I miss her and love that things never change…and, I love that we have our little men in common…

Abilene during camp 074 Abilene during camp 075 Abilene during camp 078 Abilene during camp 081 Abilene during camp 098

Big Boy Caden! … When I was with him, I thought he looked just like his Daddy. But, when I look at these pictures, I see so much of his Mommy in him too! What a sweet little man!!!…Abilene during camp 083 Abilene during camp 093 Abilene during camp 095 Abilene during camp 097Abilene during camp 102 …One of the highlights of Slickpaw & Mammer Camp was getting to ride in Slickpaw's red Corvette. (Quinn pronounces it with SO many syllables…and we can only guess that he got the “hick” pronunciation from Slickpaw himself …he says, “ray-ed Cor-vay-ette” …it cracks me up!!!) Slickpaw called and made sure it was legal to put a car seat in the front seat, got the OK from Q’s Daddy, and loaded him up! …

Abilene during camp 107 Abilene during camp 108They rode around the block 3 or 4 times (not getting faster than 35 MPH), but Q thought it was SOOO fast! (mainly because it is SOOOO loud!!!) He would wave and wave at me when they would drive off and pull back in the driveway! Then, Slickpaw would ask if he wanted to go again, and his answer was always “Yes!” I think he would have ridden 100 times if we would have let him! …{Just now, as he walked up the computer and saw the pictures on the screen, he said, “That was fun ridin’ with Slickpaw in his ray-ed Cor-vay-ette!” Sweet little man!}

Abilene during camp 115 Abilene during camp 118 Abilene during camp 119  Our last evening in Abilene, we spent lots of time in the backyard…playing with chalk, swimming, splashing, and running through the sprinklers.

Abilene during camp 123Abilene during camp 124

As always, being in Abilene was such a nice and easy time. So much more fun & relaxing than if we would have stayed at home by ourselves. We are so thankful to have a Mammer & Slickpaw that love us so much and that would NEVER wish that we stayed a day less! …no matter how many trains are on the floor, fits are thrown, and poopy diapers that are needed to be changed. (thanks to Q’s new love for “green juice!”) …Thank you, Mammer & Slickpaw for all that you did to make the 2nd Annual Slickpaw & Mammer Camp an unforgettable one! :)


kristin fulghum said...

oh man. i love gary and kay rita. that looks like tons of fun!

Mary said...

So fun! I always go to my mom's when Sean is going to be away for longer than his usual trips...and lately I've gone even during those regular ones too. There's nothing like reliving your childhood at your parents' house with your child!

campers said...

i had so much fun...and loved hearing him say rayed cor-a vette!!! Love you!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

call me crazy, but I kind of LOVE his artwork! *how fun would that be as your BLOG background?!? :)