Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fireworks vs. My Bed

We had a fun 4th. We lazed around, shopped a little, and then had a traditional hot dog dinner! (complete with homemade Cherry Lemonade…yum!) Then, before we got loaded up to go to the fireworks, we got Quinn excited by watching this video…at least a half a dozen times! He laughed and laughed!!! It got us in the “stars and stripes” spirit! …

Then, we headed to a nearby park to claim our spot for the show. We got there at about 8:30 and had fun playing with Q! He loved running, sliding and climbing! (And, his new DC’s were SUPER fast…according to him!) 4TH OF JULY 003Slickpaw's 4th of July 011 Slickpaw's 4th of July 014 Slickpaw's 4th of July 021Slickpaw's 4th of July 016A few of our fellow spectators…4TH OF JULY 0184TH OF JULY 014 4TH OF JULY 015 

As time went by, Q got a little restless. He was ready to see the fireworks and they weren’t starting…way past dark. At 9:45, we were starting to worry that we had come to the wrong spot. (But, surely the hundreds of other people wouldn’t be there too!?) … Quinn would say, “My go home! Go nigh-night! Go to my bed at my house! My not want to see my fireworks! My fireworks not comin’” It was pitiful! But, some quality time playing with Slickpaw’s iPhone and on Daddy and Mammer’s  shoulders helped for a little while…


Slickpaw's 4th of July 026

          4TH OF JULY 027 4TH OF JULY 029 

But, it didn't’ really help for long! He just wanted to snuggle and wouldn’t stop saying that he wanted to go HOME to HIS bed. When I’d tell him to sleep in my arms, he’d happily cuddle, but he’d remind me that he wanted to go to his bed! So funny! …At about 10:15, the fireworks started…and it was definitely a “Wah---wahhhhh!” They were further away than we had hoped and Quinn really cared very little about them. So, for the sake of saying we did, we stayed for about 10 minutes, and then loaded up our chairs and went home! Oh well…we beat the traffic! We’ll plan better next year! :) 4TH OF JULY 037 4TH OF JULY 034Slickpaw's 4th of July 029Happy 4th of July!

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kristin fulghum said...

pitiful! so cute though.